59 Facts About Cuba You Might Not Know

Cuba, a country that exudes vitality, fun, and energy, is a fascinating place. With a rich history and vibrant contemporary culture, this island nation welcomes travelers from far and wide.

Whether you’re an avid historian or simply curious about Cuba, these facts are sure to interest you. Here are the most fascinating facts about this island country.

Cuba is the 17th Largest Island in the World

The main island of Cuba is impressively large. One of the largest, in fact! And when you look at the island from the air, it resembles a crocodile. 

Cuba Doesn’t Sell Coca-Cola

They are one of only two countries in the world where Coca-Cola cannot be bought or sold. This is because both countries are under a long-term trade embargo with the U.S.

Cell Phones Were Banned Until 2008

When you were probably already on your third cellphone, Cubans were not allowed to own cellphones. This ban was lifted in 2008 when Raul Castro became president.

The Most Popular Sport in Cuba is Baseball

Baseball is closely tied to contemporary Cuban identity, and they have been the winners of gold medals at two Olympic games.

Cuba has the Highest Doctor-to-Patient Ratio

Doctors have been called one of Cuba’s greatest exports, with white coats serving hospitals in over 70 different countries.

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