57 Super Interesting Facts About Snakes You Might Not Know

Their evolution is fascinating and their existence bewildering. From the ability to clone themselves to replacing parts of their body, snakes are a continued scientific marvel.

Here’s what we know about these mysterious creatures. Unsurprisingly there are many interesting facts about snakes.

A Snake Head Can Bite Even After Decapitation

Scientists are not sure if the snake understands whether or not it has been decapitated. The decapitated snakehead is still able to bite and inject venom.

The Largest Snake Fossil

In 2004, Titanoboa was first excavated in Colombia. This has been described as the largest snake fossil to ever have been found. 

Snakes Can Be Colorful

Most snakes are brown, woody looking, or camouflaged. This is to ensure that the snakes survive during their lifetime.

They Can Eat Things Bigger Than Their Heads

Their mandibles are detached, unlike humans, which makes it easier for them to ‘chew’ food twice the size of their bodies.

Some Snakes Can Fly

Snakes like the Golden Tree snake and Paradise Flying snake, found in Southeast Asia, maneuver through the forest by flying or gliding from one tree to the next.

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