51 Psychological Facts About Dreams most People Don’t Know

Scientists are yet to discover many secrets about our dreams, but this story will reveal some facts about dreams that will either leave you feeling excited or dreading tonight’s sleep.

Here are 51 mind-blowing psychological facts about dreams that can hopefully answer your questions.

What Are Dreams?

Many cultures believe that our dreams contain deeper meanings and reveal much about reality, religion and spirituality that we cannot comprehend with the conscious mind.

When Do We Have Dreams?

We tend to have our most realistic dreams during the REM stage of sleep, which will generally last around an hour.

You Can Dream In Black And White

Black and white dreaming generally means that you dream from an observer’s point of view with a lack of emotional participation.

Dreams Can Serve As Warning Signs

Some studies have suggested that violent outbursts during REM sleep could be an early warning sign of Neurodegenerative Disorders. 

Your Gender Can Influence What You Dream About 

Men tend to dream more about other men and themes such as sexuality and physical aggression.

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