45 Facts About the Cold War Most People Don’t Know

The Cold War was a political rivalry between the United States, the Soviet Union, and their respective allies.  

These facts about the Cold War shed light on the most interesting aspects of this era.

The Cold War Was Called So Because War Was Never Declared

US and Soviet Union never officially declared war against the other. 

The Berlin Blockade Was One of the First Major Cold War Crises

It was an attempt by the Soviet Union to restrict the US, Great Britain, and France from traveling to their sectors in Berlin, Germany.

The Soviet Union Created the Iron Curtain

A military and ideological border meant to divide Europe into two separate areas.   

President Nixon Was Purposely Portrayed as Crazy

The hope of this was to encourage the enemy to back down during a conflict. 

CIA Agents Used Shoelaces to Communicate Certain Message

They were able to convey simple messages by looking at each other’s feet. 

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