43 Facts About French Food  You’ll Love

Through the centuries, French food has had influences from its surrounding countries like Belgium and Spain.

So, what is so special about French cooking? There are quite a few things to know. Here are 43 facts about French food that will open your eyes to French cuisine.

French Fries Were Not Invented in France

The recipe for French fries was taken to the USA by Thomas Jefferson after serving as the American Minister to France.

Eclairs Have an Interesting Meaning Behind Their Name

Its name translates to “flash of lightning” in English. This is because the idea behind the pastry is that it is eaten in a flash.

Escargot is a Staple Appetizer in French Food

Many French people love eating snails, and they are high in protein and low in fat.

There is a Mushroom of Paris

There is an edible white mushroom called the Champignon de Paris, which translates to the mushroom of Paris.

The Crêpe Suzette was an Accidental Creation

One of the legends is that a 14-year-old waiter was preparing crêpes for Prince Edward VII when they accidentally caught fire. 

An After Dinner Cheese Plate is a Must

Traditionally, a cheese plate is served after the main meal in France. It is a course all on its own, but it isn’t too extravagant.

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