41 Interesting Facts About North America You Might Not Know

There’s a lot more to North America than just holiday brochures and popular culture, though. As a region, it boasts several impressive geographic features and anomalies. 

Because of its size, it has incredibly diverse bioculture, people, and even natural phenomena worth exploring. Let’s get some very basic facts about North America out of the way.

The Length and Breadth of North America

In total, the landmass covers 9.5 million square miles. Altogether, the population of the North American region is around 465 million people.

Many Countries, Many People

In total, there are 23 countries contained within North America. There are also several territories that are classified as dependencies.

Canada and the US Dominate the Landmass

Of the 23 countries in North America, Canada is the largest, and the USA is the second-largest.

America Was Named After an Explorer… Probably

Most scholars agree that the continent was named after Amerigo Vespucci, an explorer who first declared that the new world was not, in fact, India.  

The Earliest Civilizations

As far as the best guess, the earliest known civilization can be traced back to the Mexico region in what is today known as Clovis.

Every Country Has a Coast

No country in North America is landlocked. Every single country has some access to a coastline. In addition, every country doesn’t only touch a sea, but a major ocean.

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