37 Interesting Psychological Facts About Crushes

Most people older than 14 have experienced a crush. It’s that inexplicable emotional, physical, and psychological maelstrom that happens when you encounter someone that just turns you inside out.  

Based on various studies and surveys, here are 37 interesting social and psychological facts about crushes.

What a Crush is in Lay Terms

It is essentially a mental state, engaging psychological processes.

You Probably Have a Similar Personality

This may mean you subconsciously react in similar ways to triggers or that you see desirable characteristics that you wish for yourself.

The Eyes Have It

They discovered that people who had different colored eyes were more likely to be attracted to or develop crushes on each other.

You Tend To Like Someone If they Smile (At You)

It seems obvious, but your walls come down when someone smiles at you. And their chances of attracting your attention in that way increase substantially.

Flirting Playfully is Good for Your Soul

Far from being a minefield, flirting playfully when welcomed (without being overbearing) can lead to increased confidence and a general sense of happiness.

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