37 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica You Might Not Know

Around a quarter of this country comprises of protected jungle, teeming with fascinating wildlife just waiting to be explored.

So whether you fancy yourself a beach bum or you prefer to set off on a nature-filled hike, you will have no shortage of adventures awaiting you in this adventurer’s paradise.

Before you set off on your dream Costa Rican vacation, you might want to learn a little more about this special country. Here are 37 interesting facts about Costa Rica you might not know.

25 Percent of Costa Rica’s Land is Dedicated to Conservation

A quarter of this beautiful country’s land is protected, and it’s no surprise that Costa Rica would choose to conserve its biggest assets.

Costa Rica Has No Standing Army

In 1948 the country did away with their national army after their civil war victory of that year, making them one of 23 countries worldwide that has no armed forces.

Costa Ricans Have One of the Highest Life Expectancies

According to the World Bank, the average life expectancy is 80 years old. This is higher than the US which is 79 years old.

Native Costa Ricans Refer to Themselves as Ticos or Ticas

It originated from a nationwide tendency of ending words with diminutives like ‘tico’ and ‘tica’. (male and female)

Most of Their Energy is From Renewable Sources

This planet-friendly country produces most of its electricity (about 99%) from renewable sources.

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