27 Interesting Facts About Washington State You May Not Know

When you think of Washington, you might think of US President George Washington, Starbucks Coffee Company, and beautiful scenery. But these are just a handful of things that the state is known for. 

To explore all the amazing features of this US region, here are the most interesting facts about Washington state.

Washington is the 42nd State in the United States

It was founded on November 11, 1889. Montana, which is the 41st state, was admitted only three days earlier. 

Washington is Named in Honor of the First United States President

Washington is named after United States President George Washington. 

Washington is Nicknamed The Evergreen State

The nickname was coined by pioneer C.T. Conover due to the state’s abundance of forests, which cover just over half the state.

A Law Was Passed in Washington Making it Illegal to Kill Bigfoot

In 1969, Skamania County, Washington, passed a law against the slaying of Bigfoot (also referred to as Sasquatch).

Washington Has More Reported Bigfoot Sightings Than Any Other State

The reported number of Bigfoot sightings in Washington is about 8.9 for every 100,000 people. 

Washington is One Sweet State

It’s been the top apple-growing state since the 1920s. This makes one wonder why New York got the nickname ‘The Big Apple’ instead of Washington.

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