39 Interesting Facts About Mississippi You Might Not Know

Otherwise known as the Magnolia State, Mississippi is one of the southern states in the US and a big part of the idea of “southern hospitality”.

This wonderful region has a lot of hidden qualities that might surprise you. More than half of the state’s area is covered with trees, wild and cultivated, making it quite the natural paradise.

We have collected all the weird, wacky, and downright cool things you never knew about the Hospitality State.

It Is Named After the River

Surprise (or perhaps not): the state gets its name from the Mississippi River that forms the majority of its western boundary.

The First Settlement Was Established by the French

All the way back in 1699, French settlers established the first permanent settlement in what would become Mississippi.

Lots of Tornadoes Abound

On a yearly basis, Mississippi can be devastated by around 27 tornadoes. “Fun” fact: two of the top five deadliest twisters happened right here, yikes! 

Mississippi is a Popular State for UFO Enthusiasts

People from all over flock here for the chance to see strange sightings of little green men.

Renowned Writer, Eudora Welty, Was Born Here

Born and raised in Jackson, Eudora is the author of novels like “the Optimist’s Daughter” and “Losing Battles”.

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