40 Interesting Facts About Pilots You Might Not Know

Here's one of the facts that we found, did you know that Pilots eat different meals to avoid food poisoning?

Here are the 40 interesting facts about Pilots you might not know.

The captain of a United flight had a heart attack mid-flight 

An off-duty air force captain, Mike Gongol, had to help land the plane, saving 160 lives. 

July 23, 1983, Air Canada’s Flight 143 

With 69 people on board, ran out of fuel at an altitude of 41,000 ft. The pilot managed to glide the plane down safely.

Not trained to fly by gyroscopic instruments 

Can enter into a death spiral, believing that he is maintaining straight flight and completely unaware that he even turning.

Uncle Wiggly Wings during the Berlin Blockade in 1948

After dropping candy and chocolate from his plane he wiggles his wings so people knew it was him. 

Giant concrete arrows 

Built every 10 miles that span from NYC to San Francisco which were used by USPS Pilots to trace their way across America. 

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