35 Interesting Ecuador Facts You Might Not Know

Despite losing a good deal of land in the process, Ecuador remains a strong economic powerhouse in South America. 

Ecuador has an incredible amount of resources, both economic and environmental. 

Darwin’s Breakthrough Happened in Ecuador

Charles Darwin's observations of the plants and animals on the Galapagos Islands led to develop his theory of Evolution.

6% of People Speak 1 of 13 Native Dialect

Some of these native tribes survived in greater or lesser numbers, and to this day, there are 13 native dialects recognized.

Ecuador Was at War with Peru for over 100 Years

The last set of international troops, placed in Ecuador and Peru to ease tensions, left in 1999.

Ecuador Exports $2 Trillion Worth of Bananas Every Year

The total value of Ecuador’s banana exports exceeds $2 trillion each year.

Oil Accounts for 33% of Revenue and 40% of Exports 

The economy in Ecuador continues to rely on the vast resources of the land.

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