32 Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner

There are many different types of intimate questions we can ask our partners. These range from sexual intimacy to general attraction to how your partner feels about love as a concept and more.

These types of discussions can help to foster intimacy between couples as well as allow potential conflict areas to emerge. Here are some intimate questions to ask your partner.

General Attraction Questions to Ask Your Significant Other

There are some things that you just want to know even though they can’t be confined to a single category. 

1. Do you look at other men     (women)? 2. What goals do you have for us? 3. What type of scent do you like on     a woman?

4. Would you say you have a “type”?     Do I fit what you thought you      were looking for? 5. How do you describe me to other     people?

6. What role does physical      attraction play in whether or not      you pursue a relationship? 7. How do you think I should      describe you to other people?

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