31 Psychological Facts About Cheating

There’s something about cheating that strikes a chord. It hurts to have someone you love dearly hurt you so badly. 

You may be looking for answers to why your partner is cheating or why people generally cheat. Here are thirty-one psychological facts about cheating.

Working Through Infidelity Can Strengthen a Relationship

It is possible to make it to the other side of infidelity. However, it will require honesty, accountability, and a willingness to change.

Cheating Can “Just Happen”

This could be due to external stressors or situational variables that create a setting conducive to infidelity. 

The Offender Has Low Self-Esteem

This is unfortunate because cheating can cause its victims to develop esteem issues, thus adding to their partners’ insecurities. 

Some People Cheat to Avoid Relationship Issues

It may be easier to cheat than to have a frank discussion with your partner about them not fulfilling certain obligations within your relationship. 

A Cheater Can Still Love Their Primary Partner

A cheater may feel undeserving of their partner and cheat.   Or they may cheat because they’re looking for something outside their relationship.

Some Cheaters Have Low Commitment

A person can be in an exclusive relationship with their significant other while also having low commitment. 

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