31 Facts About Mexican Food You Might Not Know

Mexican food is believed to have originated from the ancient Mayan people. Over time other Mesoamerican groups like the Olmec brought their own cooking methods and Mexican cuisine evolved.

It has also been influenced by the Spanish who conquered Mexico and introduced new foods like dairy, sugar, and oil. Mexican food has also been influenced by people from Asia and Africa.

Now that we’ve discovered where Mexican food came from, let’s dig into some facts about it.

Mexican Food Contains Lots of Fruit & Vegetables

Ancient Mexican dishes were developed on the use of fruit, and vegetables and not much has changed since then.

Mexican Food Has Interesting Ingredients

While tomatoes, beans, and corn are common in most Mexican dishes, now and then you’ll find an ingredient that is quite uncommon in most foods.

Immigrants Also Left Their Mark on Mexican Cuisine

Over the centuries, Mexico has experienced a wave of immigration, with each group leaving its mark on the traditional cuisine.

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