29 Interesting Facts About Gorillas You Probably Did Not Know

Residing in the luscious forests of Africa, gorillas are one of the more fascinating animals we get to learn about and learn from on our beautiful planet earth.  

There’s so much to learn about these fascinating primates, from their habitats to their habits, you are bound to learn something new and wonderful. Let’s find out more about the impressive gorilla.

There Are Two Main Gorilla Species

Eastern and western gorillas. These are further divided into four subspecies. The two western species are the western lowland and the cross river gorilla.  

Gorillas Have Human Emotions

They are capable of feeling and displaying genuine emotions such as grief, love, and compassion.  

Gorillas Are Plant Eaters

However, despite contrary belief, these herbivores use their incredibly strong jaw muscles to feed on the plants around them. 

They Are Family-Orientated

These gentle giants will only show aggression or defense when either they, or their family members are threatened.

Gorillas Share DNA With Humans

Humans share up to about 98.3% similar DNA with gorillas. This makes them highly genetically similar to humans.

King Kong’s Blueprints

Not only do these great apes share around 98.3% of human DNA, but they also have their very own unique fingerprints, much like humans.

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