29 Interesting Facts About Bobcats You May Not Have Heard

Bobcats are part of the cat family and even look similar to house cats in some aspects. However, they are much more powerful and athletic than their domestic cousins. 

From the origin of their name to their unique looks and everything in between, let’s take a look at the most interesting facts about bobcats.

Bobcats Get Their Name From Their Tail

Let’s start with the origin of the bobcat’s name. Although they share many physical features with other big cats, their tails are quite different. 

Bobcats Are the Smallest Type of Lynx

The bobcat is one of four lynx species. Compared to the Eurasian lynx, the Canada lynx, and the Iberian lynx, the bobcat is the smallest.

Bobcats Are Often Confused with the Canada Lynx

They have the same general body shape and tan or gray-brown fur color. For this reason, people are often not sure which of the two cats they spotted.

Bobcats Are Crepuscular Hunters

Bobcats are considered crepuscular animals since they are most active during the twilight period, around dawn and dusk. 

Bobcats Have Large Territories

Bobcats are mostly solitary creatures and they range far and wide. These cats can be found across the US, ranging from southern Canada as far as Mexico.

Bobcats Have More Than One Den

Bobcats use caves, rock ledges, hollow logs, or brush piles as their dens. Since these cats move around such large territories, they don’t have only one den.

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