29 Facts About Rainbows You Probably Don’t Know

Here is a collection of most interesting rainbow facts including how does a rainbow is formed and why do we see seven colors of the rainbow?

The rainbow is formed by the ordinary white light, like sunlight is made up of many different colors, but we can’t see all the different colors as sunlight appear colorless.

When a rainbow is formed it’s circular 

But you can’t see a complete circle while you are on the ground, you can see a full circle Rainbow from an airplane.

A European myth 

That there is a hugely valuable treasure at the end of both rainbows, placed there by angels. 

Voice of the Sun

Siberian tribes consider the rainbows as the voice of the Sun.

Double rainbow in the sky 

This type of rainbow is only formed when sunlight reflects twice inside the water drops.

Rainbows can be formed on the moon of Planet Saturn

The moon Titan and this theory is considered true because the moist atmosphere is ideal for the formation of a rainbow.

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