27 Interesting Facts About Hillary Clinton You Might Not Know

Considered a powerful figure in the Democratic Party, and once even a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton is cemented in the American political landscape. 

Yet, there is so much more to this maverick of modern politics, much of which may be forgotten when you consider her illustrious career in public office.  

So here are 27 interesting facts about Hillary Clinton that will demonstrate just how incredible her journey has been.

Hillary’s Family

Hillary was born on October 26, 1947. Her mother, Dorothy Howell Rodham was a homemaker, and her father, Hugh Ellsworth Rodham owned a small business in the textile trade. 

Hillary Was No Slacker

Hillary’s college life is impressive to look back upon. In the course of her college years, she worked several jobs, as well as excelled at her studies.  

Hillary Had a Written Exchange with NASA

When she was 14 in 1961, she wrote a letter to NASA, asking what they could advise someone who wanted to pursue the possibility of becoming an astronaut.

Hillary Was A Republican

In 1964 — when she was about 17 — she campaigned for a Republican candidate for President, Barry Goldwater.

Hillary is a Yale Graduate

Hillary graduated from Yale in 1973 with a Juris Doctor degree. That is a pre-law degree designed for those who had no prior legal experience.

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