27 Interesting Facts about Giraffes You Might Not Know

There’s just something about these long-necked animals that capture our imagination. When kids learn about nature, one of their favorite subjects is giraffes. 

Here are 27 more interesting facts about Giraffes you might not know.

Giraffes Are as Tall as a  2-Story House

Perhaps one of the best-known giraffe facts is that giraffes are the tallest land mammals on Earth.

Giraffes Necks Grew Over Time … Over Millions Of Years

The giraffe’s neck is an example of evolution. Evolution is the change that occurs to animals over time, from generation to generation.

Giraffe’s Tongues Can Be Up to 20 Inches Long

Giraffes use their tongues to reach in and out of branches to pluck the most succulent buds from trees. The giraffe’s tongue is an amazing feat of nature.

Giraffes Can Run Over 30 Miles Per Hour

This is an amazing speed for an animal that weighs nearly two tons and can be up to 19 feet tall.

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