27 Facts About the Korean War Most People Don’t Know

It was the first military action of the Cold War and has gone down in history as a major battle between communism and capitalism.

The Korean War was a Cold War clash that took place over the span of three years. 

Korea Became Divided After World War 2

Korea was intended to be kept as one country, but when the United Nations called for elections in 1947, the Soviets refused.

The Korean War Was a Fight Over Communism and Democracy

North Korea favored a communist state, while South Korea favored democracy and capitalism.  

The United States Deployed the Most Amount of Troop

The US sent about 1,780,000 Americans to fight in the Korean War. 

Just Two Other Countries Supported North Korea

The Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China. 

A Peace Treaty Between the Two Sides Has Never Been Signed

The two sides remain divided by a heavily fortified demilitarized zone. 

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