25 Interesting Facts About Mount Fuji You Might Not Know

The iconic Mount Fuji is a symbol of Japan. Standing tall and proud, this sacred site is the country’s most popular tourist attraction.

The mountain is located about 62 miles (100 km) from Tokyo, making it easily accessible to travelers. On clear days, it’s even visible from the capital.  

Want to learn more about the first individuals to climb the mountain, or what group of people was banned from hiking it? Here are the 25 most interesting facts about Mount Fuji.

The Origins of the Mountain’s Name are Unclear

No one knows for sure how this magnificent mountain got its name, although several theories have been put forward.

Mount Fuji Has Four Main Trails

There are four main trails that lead to the summit of Mount Fuji. They are called Subashiri Trail, Fujinomiya Trail, Yoshida Trail, and Gotemba Trail.

It Takes Between 5 and 10 Hours to Climb Mount Fuji

Depending on the trail you select, it takes anywhere from 5 to 10 hours to climb Mount Fuji (one way).

There is Lodging on Mount Fuji

Mountain huts are found along each of the four different Mount Fuji trails. It’s recommended to make the hike up and down the mountain over the span of two days.

There are 10 Different Stations on Mount Fuji

To assist climbers as they ascend to the summit, there are 10 different stations located on the mountain. 

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