21 Interesting Facts About Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park might be one of the most famous landmarks in all of the US, even for those living in other countries.

It is well known as a volcanic area (more on that later), and also known for its several springs, like its most famous, Old Faithful. 

The most interesting facts about Yellowstone national park are to be found if you dig a little deeper. Let’s explore 21 of the more fascinating facts about this national and world treasure.

Yellowstone was the World’s First Official National Park

Yellowstone National Park was actually the very first official national park in the world to be certified by a government.

Yellowstone National Park is Big… Very Big

It is technically more extensive than the combined territories of the states of Delaware and Rhode Island. 

Despite its Size, There Are Only Five Entrances to the Park

There are five key entrances, each with its own particular advantages, depending on what you’d like to see in the park.

The West Entrance

This is the way to get to geyser city. Most casual visitors make a point of seeing the geysers of Yellowstone, and the excellent geyser base is most accessible from here.

The North Entrance

Access the park from Gardiner, Montana. It may be the easiest route if you’re coming from the west coast. 

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