19 Facts about Koalas you Might not Know

Koalas are not bears but that doesn’t mean these aren’t interesting and amazing creatures.

While the Koala is a Protected Species in Australia, the Eucalyptus tree is not protected and as more of these trees are cut down, the numbers of Koalas are reduced.

Koalas Can Hold Food in Their Belly for Over 8 Days

Koalas eat a diet primarily of eucalyptus leaves. To get more energy out of this diet, the Koala ferments part of what it eats in its gut.

Koalas Really Love Only 30 of the 600 Varieties of Eucalyptus

Koalas tend to like high protein varieties of Eucalyptus.

A Koala Sleep 20 Hours a Day

The Koala has adapted to expend very little energy. One of the ways it does this is by only foraging 4 hours a day. 

Koalas Only Spend 15 Minutes a Day Hanging Out

Koala territories generally overlap and there are residents who stay in the same territory, and transients who move from territory to territory.

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