17 Facts About The American Revolution You Might Not Know

Otherwise known as the Revolutionary War, the revolution was a period of time where the residents of American colonies rose up against their colonial rulers, the British crown.

These few years lead to some pivotal moments in history but what actually happened? It's time to dive in and discover 17 American Revolution facts that you might not know about.

The Decision to Leave British Rule was not Unanimous

It was only after the war that quite a few switched their stance to become patriots after America gained its independence.

The War Didn’t Actually end at Yorktown in 1781

A notable sign that the war was ending was when the British recalled their troops from two different locations towards the end of 1782.

Two Founding Fathers Were Vital to the War Effort

Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were some of the most vital contributors to the Revolutionary war. 

The War Officially Ended in 1783

The Treaty of Paris saw the official end to the war in 1783 when The United States’ independence was recognized by the British. 

The British Underestimated the Americans in Warfare

The Americans were seen as inexperienced farmers for the most part who had no history of working together.

The First-Ever Submarine was Created and Used

Believe it or not, the first-ever submarine was created during the Revolution, the American Turtle. 

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