10 Interesting Facts about the Earth You Might Not Know

Earth facts teach us about the amazing planet that we call home. This fast-moving planet is spinning at over 1,000 miles per hour and the temperature at its core is over 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit!

Many people call Earth Mother Earth, and the planet’s unique atmosphere protects and sustains life in conjunction with the magnetosphere and the geological movements of the planet itself.

The Earth Generates $72 Trillion of Goods and Services Each Year

Whether these are tangible goods or not, we’re using the natural resources of the Earth to produce them. 

The Word ‘Earth’ Has Been on Earth for 7,000 Years

Following the historical Earth facts about the etymology of the word Earth, we see that it comes from Old English.

The Earth Isn’t a Perfect Sphere – It Has a 27 Mile Tall Bulge at Its Belly

There is a bulge around the center of the Earth. This is what’s considered an oblate spheroid; it’s like a squashed ball.

The Earth Is 32.1% Iron and 30.1% Oxygen

The Earth is strong! Earth facts tell us that it is 32.1% iron. Surprisingly, oxygen accounts for 30.1%.

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