10 Interesting Facts about Pearl Harbor

Japan was actually involved in peace talks with the United States when it launched the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Japanese wanted to secure their dominance in the Asian Pacific Region. Here are 10 interesting facts about Peart Harbor you might not know.

The Attack on Pearl Harbor Began 12 Days Earlier

When five boats from the Japanese forces launched on November 25, 1941. 

Six of the Eight Ships Sunk Were Fixed and Used in WW2

While the Japanese attack was massive, it was somewhat short-sighted.

2,403 Americans Were Killed in the Attack

Of those killed, 68 were civilians, and 35 civilians were wounded. 

Japan Tried to Declare War on the U.S. 30 Minutes before Pearl Harbor

However, this did not go as planned. The Japanese issued a lengthy letter proclaiming an end to peace negotiations and implying war.

Japan Attacked the Philippines Hours after

The goal of these coordinated attacks was to devastate the entire United States fleet in the Pacific.

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