10 Interesting Facts about Marijuana You Probably Don’t Know

Marijuana facts leave us feeling bewildered and a little bit hazy. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of marijuana, particularly the use of medical marijuana. 

It’s good to get some basic facts about marijuana established in order to make an objective judgment of marijuana use. Here are 10 Interesting Facts about Marijuana You might not know.

There Are 3 Main Varieties of Cannabis: Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis

The cannabis plant has been grown all over the world, and different hybrids have been made from the three main varieties.

There Are 100’s of Street Names for Marijuana

Marijuana, or the preparation of the cannabis plant that is used as a drug, has many street – or slang – names. This is one of the longest marijuana facts!

Scientists Are Unable to Create a Pill that Replicates Marijuana

Scientists need to conduct further research to understand which compounds in the cannabis plant cause-specific isolated effects.

Cannabis Can Be Used as Feed for Livestock

Hemp seeds are used for feedstock and are eaten directly as a good source of fat from vegetables. 

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