10 Interesting Facts about Bears You Might Not Know

While there are only 8 species of bear in the world, there are a surprising variety of bears living in different habitats. There are no bears in Australia or Africa.

Here are 10 interesting facts about bears you might not know.

Bears Have Lived on Earth for 38 Million Years

Bears live all over the world, and the different species inhabit various geographic regions.

There Are Only 8 Species of Bear

Our science tell us there are 8 species of bear that are alive today.

The Koala Bear Is Not a Bear – There Are No Bears in Australia

While it may have the word bear in its name, the koala bear is not actually a bear. The koala bear is a member of the marsupial family. 

The Last Bears in Africa Went Extinct in the Late 1800s

While bears did live in the Atlas Mountains of Africa for a period of time, there are no species of bears living in Africa at this time.

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