The Evolution of eBooks [Infographic]

These days, book stores are becoming fewer and fewer by the day, though there are some major companies like Barnes & Noble that still stand strong. But what’s with the decline? Are people reading less, or is there perhaps just an alternative method? That’s where eBooks come in! With the rise of Kindle and downloadable books, there’s simply no reason to have bulky books when they can all be stored onto one device.

But did you know that the idea for eBooks has been around since the 30’s? Even the technology has been around for about 50 years, however it wasn’t until this century that it was manufactured in a convenient and portable style. There are pros and cons to both eBooks and hard copies of books, so there is no wrong choice – it just depends on what works best for you!

So whether you need help deciding which route to go, or  you already have your preference, the background of eBooks is a fascinating story, and may further your appreciation for this incredible invention!

The Evolution of eBooks Infographic

30 Surprising Facts About Microsoft

  • Surprising Facts About Microsoft

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  • Sonoma County California was the location of the most famous Windows desktop backgrounds; the field with a blue sky or “Bliss” to give its official name, the photo was taken in 1996.
  • To keep up with Google, Microsoft has an army of very virile rabbits wandering around its Corporate Campus after a load was dumped many years ago.
  • The well-known and frequently played PC time waster Solitaire was actually given as a game for quite an interesting reason. The game is based on a premise that the user drags the cards to the relevant match, in turn educating a user on how to ‘drag and drop’.
  • The arrest photo of Gates actually forms the outline for the default picture option in Outlook 2010.
  • In 2014, the Surface Pro was set to become the NFL official tablet but the deal became a flop when commentators kept calling them their Apple counterpart.
  • After an unfortunate naming abbreviation mishap in Windows 98 with the Critical Update Notification Tool, the program was renamed to Utility to form CUNU.
  • In 2014 Bing, the Microsoft search engine, accurately predicted that the World Cup Final would be Argentina v Germany.
  • Former CEO Steve Ballmer said in 2011 that he found it hard for him to become excited when it came to Android devices.
  • Microsoft only have an estimated 25% of the stores worldwide when compared to their biggest competitor; Apple.
  • In 1992, the first ever Windows virus became prevalent; WinVer 1.4 but this virus was not the first PC ever, this came much earlier in 1986.
  • A man named Bob and Microsoft came to an agreement over internet domains after Bob owned “” and Microsoft owned “”.
  • Microsoft’s Encyclopaedic software; Encarta was discontinued in 2009, it was codenamed Gandalf and its demise is often accounted to Wikipedia.
  • According to legend, when Microsoft released its browser Internet Explorer 4, some employees went over to Netscape HQ and placed a huge IE logo in their water fountain.
  • Microsoft has acquired an impressive 190+ companies in its life span to date including Nokia which was purchased for almost $8 billion in 2014!
  • Windows XP was officially released back in 2001. Microsoft ended their support for CP in April 2014, but still roughly 30% of all PC’s still use Windows XP.
  • So there we have it, 30 facts about this technological juggernaut, a company that has its finger in every flavour of techy pie from mobile devices and PC’s to search engines and billion dollar business, they really do know their stuff!

    Whatever you think of the Microsoft vs Apple debacle, like Apple, you do have to give Microsoft the due in terms of ability and sheer impressive stature.  As always, don’t take your eyes off them, they will release something new or wondrous soon I’m sure.

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    Dan Lewis is a Welsh speaker. He’s been in the tech sector for about 5 years and is qualified in most areas including networking, hardware, software & support. Enjoys writing about anything techy, nerdy or factually interesting.

    18 Facts About the Indestructible Nokia 3310

    • Facts About the Nokia 3310

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  • The 3310 really did break the mold in a range of ways, when it came to messaging the Nokia outdid all its rivals by having a messaging character limit of an unbelievable 459, that’s 3 times the normal limit for that era. The standard today is 160 characters.
  • The 3310 quite rightly holds the title of indestructible, if you drop a modern phone they’ll instantly shatter into a million pieces (or at least it feels that way). The 3310 has been run over by a train, dropped from eye-watering heights and even faced power tools and still prevailed.
  • Nokia were one of the first cell phone providers to offer the earliest version of an autocorrect system called predictive text input. Pressing a key gave a list of options, making messaging easy, but for many this functionality was infuriating, so documentation was released on how to turn it off.
  • When the iPhone went on sale it sold a colossal 25 million units, or you would say its colossal until someone tells you the Nokia 3310 sold over 400% more, at a whopping 126 million units!
  • The 3310 had one of the widest range of covers available to it, quite literally thousands. Made by an array of companies, the Xpress-On covers were a great way to show a person’s character and really make you look cool.
  • In the UK, The Sun newspaper released an amazing story of a man who had bought a 3310 when they first came out back in 2000 and now, 17 years on, the Yorkshireman is still using his trusty favorite and doesn’t even care about its technological inferiority.
  • The minimalist 3310 was designed at the Nokia Site in Copenhagen, Denmark with a strong focus on suiting to people’s needs, not forcing them to adopt a new way of life like many other big brands of the day were doing. Just look at the simplistic display and layout to realize this is true.
  • In 2012, the innocent Nokia became wrapped up in a violent riot. A Protestor in Jakarta, Indonesia, complaining about the abhorrent price of fuel, used the sturdy piece of tech as a projectile launching it at police.
  • The Nokia 3310 was the first phone to allow a user to internet chat, a daydream to most teens of the time. Debuted at numerous concerts worldwide, this little feature really did draw an immense amount of interest. When set in ‘chat mode’ users could send and receive messages in enhanced SMS format.
  • Like everything nostalgic, from penny sweets to the PS1, it’s never as good as you remember it. If we loved our 3310’s so very much, why aren’t we all still using one? Simple, we developed our technological ability and it became moot. The newer 3310 was somewhat of a flop with many people cooing over its sentimentality but staggered by the price and minimalistic features. One things for sure, if you revampers touch my Gameboy, I won’t be happy!

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    Dan Lewis is a Welsh speaker. He’s been in the tech sector for about 5 years and is qualified in most areas including networking, hardware, software & support. Enjoys writing about anything techy, nerdy or factually interesting.

    Hacking Facts – 26 Interesting Facts About Hacking

    Here are 26 Interesting Hacking facts.

    1-5 Hacking Facts

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    1. The hacker Kevin Mitnick was kept in solitary confinement for 8 months because “law enforcement told the judge that he could somehow dial into the NORAD modem via a payphone from prison and communicate with the modem by whistling to launch nuclear missiles.” – Source

    2. According to the FBI Director, the FBI is having a hard time filling positions to help tackle cyber crimes because a lot of the nation’s top computer programmers and hacking gurus are also fond of marijuana. – Source

    3. A hacker who, while serving five years for hacking, signed up for a prison IT class, and successfully hacked into the prison’s mainframe. – Source

    4. Two men were brought up on federal hacking charges when they exploited a bug in video poker machines and won half a million dollars. His lawyer argued, “All these guys did is simply push a sequence of buttons that they were legally entitled to push.” The case was dismissed. – Source

    5. Lenovo Computers is partially owned by the Chinese government and their computers come preloaded with secret backdoor access. As a result MI6, the CIA and other spy agencies have banned their use. – Source

    6-10 Hacking Facts

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    6. After getting fired in 1996, Timothy Lloyd, an 11-year employee of OMEGA, planted a hacking “time bomb” within the firm’s computer systems that deleted the firm’s main operating software two weeks after his lay-off, making the firm lose over $10 million and fire 80 employees. – Source

    7. In the 1980s, the BBC televised a live demonstration of email. Prior to transmission, a studio guest overheard a crew member saying the email account password and phoned a friendly hacker. Once on air, the presenter logged in and was met with a poem about hacking and insecure passwords. – Source

    8. While hacking a Fortune 500 company, 16-year-old Sean Parker was unable to log out after his father unplugged and confiscated his keyboard. Because his IP address was exposed, FBI agents tracked him down and arrested him – Source

    9. The first person that was charged with hacking a computer did not go to jail due to there being no specific criminal offense at the time. – Source

    10. In 2007 a researcher from IBM was able to gain complete control of an American nuclear power plant by hacking it over the internet. – Source

    11-15 Hacking Facts

    11. LinkedIn was sued for hacking their users’ email addresses and spamming their contact lists with LinkedIn invites. – Source

    12. A 15-year old named Jonathan James once hacked NASA and caused a 21-day shutdown of their computers. James was federally prosecuted after hacking United states department of defense computers and became the first juvenile incarcerated for cyber crime in the United states. – Source

    13. Journalists from News of the World hacked the cell phone of Milly Dowler, a 13-year old girl who was abducted and murdered in 2002, and read her phone messages and listened to her voicemail, giving her family, friends and the police false hope she was still alive. – Source

    14. The hacking in the movie Matrix was performed using real tools. – Source

    15. There was a hacking group in the ’90s that testified to the USA Congress that they could shut down the entire Internet in 30 minutes. – Source

    16-20 Hacking Facts

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    16.  There is a hacking group called the Gay n****r Association of America. – Source

    17.  In 2015, Cyber Hackers stole approximately $1 billion from over 100 banks in one of the largest bank heists ever. – Source

    18. Google build a backdoor for the FBI to access all of their customer’s email. – Source

    19. The 19th-century telegraph network has also been nicknamed “Victorian Internet”. People used it for hacking, dating, fraud, and spam. – Source

    20. “Hackers Wanted”, a film about hacking and the free flow of information, was never officially released due to the conflict in the team. It was then leaked on BitTorrent. – Source

    21-26 Hacking Facts

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    21. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was expelled from the University of Colorado after hacking into the school’s computer system. – Source

    22. In 2008. hackers induced seizures to epilepsy sufferers by hacking into an epileptic support forum and leaving flashing animation screens. – Source

    23. The structure of the giant hacking ring Red October was exposed by a man attempting to ping the entire Internet. – Source

    24. Microsoft offered Virender Raika, son of a laborer from Kurukshetra (India) 763,390 USD annual package for his extraordinary anti-hacking skills. – Source

    25. In an early example of ‘hacking’ pirate radio broadcasters in the 1920’s would use their own transmitters to send messages for free. – Source

    26. The GPS satellites were programmed to introduce timing jitters into the signals until it was abolished by a Presidential decree in 2000. – Source


    30 Interesting Facts About Samsung

    • 30 Interesting Facts About Samsung

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    Whenever I need a new gadget or appliance Samsung comes to mind, from phones to TV’s this Korean electrical superpower are market leaders in every area of electronics particularly in the cell phone industry. Over the last few decades they’ve been at the forefront of technological development and innovation with mind-blowing TVs and unprecedented smartphones. Here we’re going to look at 30 facts about the electronics superstar, Samsung.

    1. Samsung initially sold noodles and other produce, it wasn’t until 1970 that the first electrical product was sold by Samsung; a 12 inch Black & White TV.
    2. Samsung are very focused on creating as much as possible in house, around 90% of Samsung equipment is made in Samsung factories.
    3. Six Flags and Samsung teamed up in 2016 to create North America’s first Virtual Reality Rollercoasters which used Samsung VR equipment. Following on from this, the pair have started a new collaboration to create a VR game for rollercoaster riders.
    4. Samsung truly are a world-wide employer, in 79 countries they employ over 236,000 staff.
    5. Samsung are always at the forefront of technology. They created the digital TV in 1998, the Watch phone and MP3 phone in 1999, the 3D home theatre in 2010 and the world’s first curved smartphone display in 2013.
    6. In 2016 Samsung shipped 306 million units worldwide that’s an increase of 283.1 million units compared to 2010.
    7. At one point following the release of the Samsung S3 sales reached 500 units a minute.
    8. Samsung are delving into the world of AI technology for their mobile devices rivalling the likes of Cortana or Siri. Samsung’s S8 was the first device to use the flagship Bixby system.
    9. 53,400 employees have received over 64 courses through Samsung’s HR Development Centre since 1993.
    10. Samsung’s Ship building sector, whose centre spans 400 million sq. feet (37.16 sq. km), builds more than 30 large ships per year.
    11. Samsung means three stars in Korean, Lee Byung-Chull Samsung founder decided to use the name after his vision for a company as everlasting as the stars.
    12. The Samsung logo we all know and recognise only came into use in 1993, prior to that there were 2 other logos, created in 1969 and 1980 respectively.
    13. Lee Kun Hee the chairman of Samsung made staff create a pile of 150,000 phone and fax machines before destroying them in front of the 2000-strong crowd to make a point about the new era of quality driven products.
    14. South Korea’s Air force has a lot to thank Samsung for. The Electronics giant actually created their first ever fighter jet the KF-16.
    15. In May 2017, Samsung were given permission to carry out trials of a self-driving car in South Korea.
    16. In 2012, Samsung invested $10.8 billion in Research and Development which was over 6% of the company’s revenue which is around a ¼ of employees or 60,000 staff.
    17. Samsung lost a patent battle to rivals Huawei in 2017 after claims that over 20 devices used technology that Samsung hadn’t granted permission. Worldwide Huawei are 3rd in the smart phone producers with Samsung being 1st.
    18. In August 2016, due to battery malfunctions, Samsung recalled 2.5 million Note 7’s.
    19. Samsung secured more patents that any other company worldwide with 7670 U.S. patents.
    20. In Samsung’s Silicon Valley US Headquarters, 34 electrical car charging ports have been installed to persuade staff to move the electrical vehicles and help commuters.
    21. In New York Samsung have a building called 837, known as a digital playground it’s dedicated to showing off Samsung kit, from a huge theatre display made of ninety-six 55” screens to a VR Tunnel and family focused Playroom using Galaxy View.
    22. As of 2013, Samsung had over 460% more employees than Apple with Samsung employing over 370,000 and Apple merely 80,000.
    23. Samsung are very focused on sustainability, in 2015 they began working with the UN to ensure 17 Sustainable Development Goals are met between 2016 and 2030 these include gender equality, ending hunger through sustainable agriculture and combat climate change.
    24. In 2014, a man killed his Thai girlfriend in their home with a Samsung Tablet after forbidding her to go on Facebook.
    25. All Samsung products since 2013 receive the global standard environmental certifications.
    26. Between 2009 and 2013, the company has $4.8 billion invested in reducing 85 million tonnes of greenhouse gases.
    27. Samsung was established in 1938 which is exactly 38 years prior to Apple.
    28. Samsung’s business empire stretches across many different areas not just technology. Its construction sector was responsible for constructing the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa.
    29. In January 2017, Lee Jae-yong Samsung’s Chief, was questioned as part of South Korea’s largest political corruption scandal according to the BBC over accusations of questionable donations.
    30. In February 2017 Samsung managed to secure another world first after their QLED TV managed to be the first TV ever to be capable of reaching 100 percent color volume meaning a truer picture and more defined image.

    From its simple beginnings in 1938 to the worldwide empire they have today Samsung really has come a long way and today if I ask anyone to name me an electrical or mobile brand, I’d bet that over half of those people would give Samsung as an answer, this shows just how renowned the brand is worldwide and how intertwined it is with our daily lives. Whatever happens, I can guarantee Samsung will carry on leading the charge for innovation and new technology.

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    Dan Lewis is a Welsh speaker. He has been in the tech sector for about 5 years and is qualified in most areas including networking, hardware, software and support. Enjoys writing about anything techy, nerdy or otherwise factually interesting.