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Interesting Puffer Fish Facts and Information

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Check out this awesome range of puffer fish facts and learn more about this interesting creature and its mind blowing abilities.

Fish have been on planet earth for more than 500 million years, and there origin is more ancient than dinosaurs. There are more than 25,000 fish species and Puffer Fish is one of the awesome fish species on this planet.


There are more than 120 species of puffer fish world-wide and the smallest species of puffer fish is less than 1 inch in length when fully grown. The largest species in puffer fish can grow more than 2 feet in length when fully grown.


They come in a wide verity of different colors with many different markings.

Hard Beak

The diet of the this fish consists mainly of invertebrates. Larger species will often crack open and can eat hard shells with their hard beaks. Their beak is actually a combination of 4 teeth that have been fused together.

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Unique Abilities of Puffer Fish

A very unique puffer fish facts show that,  it do not have scales and their skin is thick and rough. Some species have spikes on their skin which offers additional protection against predators.

The main feature of the puffer fish is their ability to adjust large amount of water and sometimes air inside them, which increases their body shapes and turns them into the larger sea creatures. Their body grows on average of 3 times their normal size.

Dangerous Puffer Fish Facts

puffer fish factsMost puffer fish contain a toxin called “Tetrodotoxin”. This toxin is extremely deadly to other sea creatures and is also deadly to humans. There is enough poison inside a large puffer fish to kill up to 30 adult humans and there is no known antidote.

Tetrodotoxin is up to 1200 times more poisonous than cyanide. Even if a predator eats it, they will still get poison. Sharks are the only species having great immune system to the toxin, they can eat puffer fish without any negative consequences.

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10 Interesting Puffer Fish Facts

Here is a list of most interesting Puffer Fish Facts that you should learn to gain more knowledge about this cute and deadly creature.

  • They are one of the very few kinds of fish that are able to blink or close their eyes, they also have excellent eyesight.
  • They only eat meat.
  • Puffer fish is known as puffer fish because it puff up and make itself up to 3 times larger when threatened.
  • White spotted puffer fish has the ability to build its nests at the bottom of the ocean.
  • Green spotted Puffer, pig-nose puffer and bronze puffer fish can be kept as a pet in home.
  • One of the most interesting puffer fish facts shows that Puffer fish is served as a delicacy in Japan and several other countries. In order to cook puffer fish chefs must have a licenses as well as professional training to remove the toxin from the fish before they serve them.
  • They give birth in the shallow water.
  • They are usually found in warm ocean water; however there are 30 different species of puffer that lives in fresh water.
  • They have a slow and clumsy style of swimming which makes it very easy for predators to catch them.
  • The more colorful puffer fish will be the more poisonous.

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