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Psychological Facts About Love And Dreams

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The most real psychological facts about love indicates that love is that condition in which the happiness of other person is essential to your own.

Psychological facts about love tells us that “When you love someone then your lover’s happiness is more important then your happiness”. In case you are in love or been in love, you’ll realize that love is one of the most profitable, important, and many times confusing feelings that may give different experience as humans.

Psychology of a person defines the real of him. Because the way he act or pretend is quiet opposite to what he really is. Sometimes these interesting facts about psychology of life help you judge the feelings of other person. I must say it is necessary for you to understand others before you judge them.

When You Are In Love With Someone? (Signs of Love)

psychological facts about love

When you are in love ? Is it one of the Love facts or  it’s just a question?

Everyone needs answer to that question “Am I in Love?” but let me tell you that no one has ever known the reason to love someone, its something natural that can’t be described.

Many Philosophers Says :

You are in Love when you start thinking about someone from morning till night,every second and every minute of the day.  Whenever you walk very slow with the person you like, your heartbeats faster than normal when you are with him/her. You usually start smiling without any reason when you are with him/her.

Something What I Believe:

If the thought of loosing your significant scares you, than you are in Love with that individual, but if loosing him doesn’t matters to you then you are not in Love.

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Psychological Facts About Love

The real state of person is defined by his/her psychology and there are few amazing Psychological facts about love that will show you the reality behind love and the psychological effect of love on the person.

  • People who spend more of their time in the sun are proved more likely to be happier than the people who hate sun. These happy people are more likely to fall in love too because their presence make other people happy.
  • The pupil of your eyes expands up to 45% when you are in love, if you want to judge if someone loves you are not just look in to his/her eyes.
  • Whenever a man is in love, his voice will deepen, where as a woman voice will behave totally opposite to man.
  • One of the best psychological facts that has been proven true is that it only takes 4 minutes to fall in love with someone.
  • You can maintain 150 stable friendships or relationships at a time, this fact shows that you can love 150 times or you can trust 150 times only. This psychological fact is proved by science.

Crazy Love Facts

  • The person next to you when tells you that he/she is single or not in any kind of relationship, indicates that he/she is interested in you.

Another most interesting love facts says:

When you can not sleep at night, it means you are awake in someones else’s dream. 

  • Psychological facts about loveWhen you truly love someone, then you want them to be happy no matter they are with you or not.
  • Whenever you awake from a long sleep, the first person who’s on your mind on that moment is either the reason of your happiness or pain.
  • Another psychological fact about love shows that it’s very easy to yell in a loud speaker in front of thousand people instead of saying a single word to your lover for the first time.
  • Another interesting love fact indicates that the more you hide your feelings for someone, the more you fall in love with that person.
  • When a guy talks to a girl standing with his legs apart, is a sign that he likes her.
  • When someone start appearing in your dreams, it clarifies that person misses you. And this sentence really deserves its place in one of the best psychological facts about love.
  • A psychological research says whenever you pretend not to miss someone leads the mind to miss that person even more.
  • People who are sensitive and can easily blush is a sign that they have a pure heart and are good lovers.
  • Too much possessiveness for someone shows that you are truly in love with that individual.

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Fun Facts About Love

  • The heartbeat of women is 25 % faster than men.
  • According to 50 % singles, the best day to date for the first time is Wednesday.
  • If you interact with someone in a very dangerous or serious situation, you are more likely to fall in love.
  • Psychology proves that cuddling actually increases your strength in love.
  • No Psychological facts about love can prove that “what is our need to kiss?
  • For a man’s mental health a 5 minute conversation with a beautiful girl is more beneficial than a 2 hour yoga.
  •  In the US, after every 15 seconds there occurs a new divorce.

Why You Should Love Someone?

Love is something you can’t create, its something built-in inside heart. Love provides something you can’t even imagine. The most amazing facts about love indicates that when you start loving someone your brain works 24 hours a day. And you become much more responsible than before. Another reason to start loving someone is that ” Love provides care and strength to feel the pain for others“.  Whenever you are in love you can understand matters and feelings of others 50% more deeply than when you are single.

Psychologist says that when you are in love you become more courageous and your self esteem increases. Also when you are in love your life means something for you. You are more likely to achieve your destiny more desperately than before.

The Buddhists say:

When you meet some one and your hands shakes, heart pounds and your knees go weak. That must not be the one because soul mate is the one with whom you will feel calm without any agitation or anxiety.

Some Bonus Psychological Facts

  • It takes about 2 months to adopt a new habit.
  • A normal human being is probably 50 times more creative in night than afternoon.
  • Blue is the only color that causes the brain to release relaxing hormones.
  • The maximum number of close friends a person can maintain is 140.
  • On average you burn more calories while sleeping than you do watching TV.
  • When you are under 3 years old, you cannot dream about yourself. You can not appear in your dream unless you are 4 year old.
  • The average dream lasts between 15 to 20 minutes.

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