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12 Fashion Trends That Emphasize You’re Getting Older

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Fashion, like bread, gets stale. However, unlike bread, people continue to embrace and wear styles surpassing their sell-by date.

Certain classic fashion statements, deemed questionable by some, remain popular- particularly among older women. Perhaps it’s their comfort or practicality, but these garments still appear on the streets today, whether they’re “in” or not.

These 11 fashion trends are still fully acceptable unless you plan to walk in a fashion show this year. If you continue to wear any of these, it’s a sign you might be getting older and care less about what people think about your choices.

1. Hideous Comfortable Shoes

A nurse lady changing Shoes of a Senior Woman While sitting at the floor
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You know you are growing old, or perhaps just more practical, when your shoes keep getting lower and more unsightly. Older women don’t seem to care much for fashion when it comes to shoes, and comfort supercedes cute. Although for many women, this transition starts when they become moms, because no one has time to chase around a bunch of kids in heels.

Look at the shoes of any older person near you and judge for yourself. Although many younger women are embracing comfort over fashion statements as well.

2. Headscarves

An Old woman Wearing head scarf and Praying, A Bible is on the table in front of her
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Many older women like to add a touch of vintage glamour by tying headscarves. Even in Western countries, they remain a favorite accessory for some older women (a notoriously marked “grandma” look), providing both style and practicality.

Scarves are practical for protecting hair from the elements or hiding a bad hair day.

3. Muted Pastels

An Old woman Wearing a muted color old fashioned Dress, Wearing a wool blanket on her, Eye Glasses in her Hand and Reading a Book
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Soft pastel colors are considered old-fashioned and might make you look like a dyed Easter egg. But many women still embrace them because they find them flattering and timeless. Who can blame them? Some fashion dos and don’ts are just plain silly.

4. Brooches

An Old woman Choosing an antique brooch at the market, A Bunch of antique and Old Fashioned Brooches
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Vintage brooches are making a comeback, especially among older women who appreciate the timeless elegance they add to an outfit. A classic piece can still elevate a piece. Bu, a tacky, mismatched, or too many brooches can be a poor fashion choice.

5. Culottes

An Old woman wearing old culottes while Looking at the White blanket sheet with a white background
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They are pants that look like skirts. Despite being a trend from decades ago, culottes continue to find a place in the wardrobes of older fashion enthusiasts.

Younger people may have renamed them palazzo pants, making them longer and “cooler.” Ultimately, they’re comfortable and versatile, so what’s not to love?

6. Shoulder Pads

confused old woman red blazer
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Once a power-dressing essential, shoulder pads are still favored by some older women for their bold silhouette.

Though shoulder pads were a pretty bad fashion idea, we have to agree. Most younger generations won’t even know what they are, let alone wear them- making this fashion statement a dead giveaway that you’re getting older.

7. Enormous Floral Patterns

A Floral Cloth Design, Floral Pattern on Cloths
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Floral prints that make you look like a walking flower garden are no longer considered flattering unless you’re headed on a beach vacation. The large flowery dresses were common in yester years, and many older women still seem to like them. Smaller flowers are much cuter (according to current trends).

Flowers are nice, but a flowery top broken by a plain trouser or skirt looks much better than a maxi flowery dress with humongous carnations. But if you love big flowers, then rock them and don’t worry about what the current trends have to say.

8. Wrong Size Bras

A woman Wearing a Black Top, White Pant and a Black Bra, Sitting on a Black Office Chair
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A good, well-fitting bra will transform any outfit into a fashion statement. Many people, especially older women, rarely get a bra fitting to check for the proper size. They end up with bras that pull up at the back or cups that are too small or too big.

No matter your size, do yourself a favor and get properly fitted for a bra!

9. Loose Clothing

Old woman Talking on Old Landline Phone
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Some older women view very tight clothes as trashy (who can blame them), even though they are popular with the younger generation. Older women tend to prefer less tight clothes, but they sometimes end up with loosely fitting clothes that don’t flatter them at all. But man, are they comfy—it’s like wearing a robe all day long.

A big loose outfit is a great choice for wearing around the home. Women of all ages might consider something a bit more tailored when going out.

10. PantyHose

A woman Wearing a Black Dress, A coat and a Pantyhose, Reading a Book while Sitting Comfortably on the Sofa
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Pantyhose were invented in 1960, and it’s a wonder that some older people still wear them today. They were great for camouflaging the less flattering aspects of our legs, such as unshaven legs and unsightly spots, but they sure were uncomfortable.

Leggings can do the same thing these days, but much more comfortably.

11. Funeral Black

A thoughtful Senior woman wearing Complete Black Dress, Black Shoes While Sitting on the sofa, Black Background
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Black on black may make you look mysterious or even slimmer, but it’s not modern (unless worn just right with accessories and such).

Many older women who don’t want to look flowery opt for monotones such as black, which can make them look older. If you find yourself loving an all-black ensemble, you might be getting older.

12. Twin Sets

A thoughtful Senior woman wearing knit cardigan and top, Confused Old Woman Looking at the Phone, A clock Behind her
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Coordinating knit cardigans and tops, known as twin sets, are a go-to choice for some older women for their classic and put-together look (found at your local Chicos). They’re considered out of style and meant for wardrobes over a certain age range, but no one can argue with their comfy practicality.

Sounds like a good choice in winter.

The best part about getting old? You don’t have to worry about what the fashion Gods think. Wear what is comfortable, what makes you feel good, and live life.


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