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Most Amazing Science Facts Ever

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Planets where it rains diamond, galaxies where signs of life are infinite and logic’s which makes sense and science which proves them are called the amazing science facts.

Sometimes we all question on life, galaxies and their creation. Science is only strength which answers these theories, these facts are more logical but still we wonder because sometime science itself don’t know the answers.

List Of Most Amazing Science Facts Ever

Here is a list of most amazing science facts that will hold your breath for sure and you may question on universe and laws of nature, because these Few Interesting Facts are much logical and authentic.

  • Do you know that pickle can glow in the darkness when you apply electric current to it? Let me tell you the answer. Its Yes, because the salt water in the pickle can act as a conductor which allows the current to flow and complete circuit will make the pickle to glow in the darkness.
  • Our solar system rotates around the galaxy just like earth rotates around the sun, It takes 225-million years for our solar system to go come back at the same location where it started. That means that the last time we were in our current position, dinosaurs were babies.
  • Wind on Neptune can break The Sound Barrier, because the speed of wind on Neptune is fast enough to reach the speed of sound.
  • Sun is 3 million times greater than the earth.
  • One of the most amazing science facts informs that it rains Sulphuric Acid and snow Metal on VENUS.
  • most amazing science factsScientists discover 42 new species every upcoming day.
  • Whenever you awake from a long sleep your brain have the ability to generate electricity that can glow a 40 Watt bulb for 24 hours.
  • Egg behaves like a bouncy ball when you put it in vinegar for a while, by doing so egg shell dissolves and the egg becomes clear.
  • 1600 light-years away there exist the only nearest Black hole to the earth.
  • You should know that it rains diamonds on Uranus and diamonds is something very costly, which is extremely awesome and the coolest science fact.
  • The amount of DNA in human body is very large, even though if you stretch it from the sun to Pluto and do this process for the 7 times.
  • Human brain contains 80% of water.
  • Our universe is made of 50,000 Million galaxies and there are between 100,00 Million and 1,000,00 Million stars in a single galaxy. In the Milky Way there can be 10 Million planets like earth and you must not think that you are alone in this universe.
  • Single lightning bolt has the energy to glow 100,000 light bulbs.
  • Bees have 5 eyes, two we usually see on the front and other 3 eyes are on the top of bee’s head.
  • The acid in human stomach is very strong, it can even dissolve steel blades.
  • The second largest planet in the solar system has the surface that can float on water, if you put the stones of Saturn in Water, it would float.
  • Your brain is 50% more active in night.
  • The Great Wall of China is the only thing that can be seen from the space.
  • 32 light years away from our solar system, there is an exoplanet that is completely covered in burning ice.
  • Beer is radioactive.


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