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100 Mind Blowing Facts About Life, The Universe, And Everything

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Mind blowing facts about Life show that life is very simple but we insist on making it very complicated, world is full of facts and there are plenty of untold facts about life. These interesting facts will tell you the simplest and less complicated way to live your life, because you can never live your live unless or until you know the most true facts about life.

Sometime it seems a bit difficult to believe on something that’s heard for the first time or when it seems really astonishing. These unbelievable facts are doubtful but they are very amazing and interesting to read.

Unbelievable Mind Blowing Facts About Life and The Universe

  • Cockroaches can survive without head for several weeks.
  • The total weight of all the ants on this planet is much greater than the total weight of all the human being on earth.
  • Your nose has the ability to remember 50,000 different scents, while it seems a bit difficult for your brain to remember 50,000 different names.
  • A Mosquito has 47 teeth.
  • A Normal Mouse has the ability to fit through a small hole, size of a ballpoint.
  • If all the muscles in your body start pulling in one direction, then you could be able to lift 30 tons.
  • Woman speak 13000 more words than the average man, Woman Speak nearly 30000 words a day.
  • Mind blowing facts about life educate that cold water can easily freeze, but hot water freezes much faster than cold water.
  • 150 Years ago in the CRIMEAN WAR, Russian and a Frenchman at once fired at one another and their bullets collided, this has happened for the first time in History.
  • Dog is the only animal that can see sadness in your eyes, often dogs attempt to make their owners happy by start cuddling.
  • Right handed people on average lives 9 years more than left-handed people.
  • unbelievable factsThe population of earth is too much and let me tell you another most unbelievable fact that the number of people that are living on this planet are greater than number of people that are gone from this world from the beginning.
  • Simple Scientific Calculator has 6 times more processing power than the computer that landed on moon ( Apollo 11 )
  • You probably have heard a famous saying that “Slow and steady wins the race”. Sea turtles are the most ancient animal living on this planet, Sea turtles are more ancient than dinosaurs and are the creation that has existed 215 million years before and these are the only ancient animals that are yet alive.
  • If Human Brain were a computer, it could perform 38,000 Trillion operations per every single second. This could be the world’s fastest computer as compared to our new generation computers.  Human brain could be 99.998% faster than any other computer.
  • Veronica Seider was a woman who had an unbelievable eye sight, She had an amazing ability to see and identify things 1 mile away, which is 1.6km and that kind of human being existed only once. And personally I think that this is one the most mind blowing facts about life you can ever read.
  • If all the honey bees are suddenly disappeared or if they die due to some reason, then the world will no longer remain the same and within 4 or 5 years after the honey bees the life on this planet will end.
  • Charles Darwin was an English geologist and was best known for his contributions as a naturalist. He had a great role in the evolutionary theories. The most unbelievable fact about this great naturalist is that he ATE every animal he discovered.
  • Korea is a well known country where the people love to eat OCTOPUSES alive.

Top 9 Best Mind Blowing Facts about Life

  1.  Fresh Vegetables, Daily Exercise And Sports Only Make You Die Fast, it’s Dullness That Can Keep You Alive
  2. Women Spend One Year Of Their Lives Deciding What To Wear
  3. People With Many Friends Live More
  4. People With Many Friends Live More
  5. Love In Life Is Very Costly
  6. You Can Remember Your Dreams 30% More When You Are in Love
  7. You Can Remember Your Dreams 30% More When You Are in Love
  8. Life Is A Mystery
  9. Success Always Hug You In Private But Failure Slaps You In The Public

Fresh Vegetables, Daily Exercise And Sports Only Make You Die Fast, it’s Dullness That Can Keep You Alive

mind blowing facts about lifeExercise can only make you die fast, it’s not a key to live a long life. Sounds funny right? but its not.

A rabbit only loves vegetables, jumps all the day, but the maximum life of rabbit is 5 years.

Postman Walks all day, if jogging would make you immortal then the post man never dies.

Whale Swims all day , it only eats fish, but still whale is not smart enough it’s too fat.

Turtle is the only animal that sleeps all day, do nothing, never jumps, hate swimming all day, don’t love hopping but still turtle lives 450 years.

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Women Spend One Year Of Their Lives Deciding What To Wear

As we all know that women are the only beauty conscious creature living on this earth, and women are the cause to delay in the parties, functions etc. Every woman will think many times before wearing something because they can’t decide what t;6o wear, and on a average they waste 1 year of their lives on deciding what to wear.

People With Many Friends Live More

Mind blowing facts about life show that people with less friends dies fast because of the isolated environment, while on the other hand a person with more friends live almost 4 years more than others.

Love In Life Is Very Costly

Some people think that love is life but there are many psychological facts about love which proves that love is not a piece of cake.

Love is a Relationship in which, one person is always right and other person is always husband.

You can’t buy love but you can pay as much as you can for it.

Having single child will make you a parent but having 2 children makes you a referee.

Wife and Husband always compromise, husband admits that he’s wrong and wife too agrees with him.

Our Language is mother tongue because father never gets a chance to speak.

You Can Remember Your Dreams 30% More When You Are in Love

When you in love your heart flutter more than normal to get oxygen to the brain. So, we can say that it is possible that you can remember more of your dreams when you are in love.

Success Always Hug You In Private But Failure Slaps You In The Public

mind blowing facts about life

Success and failure are the only achievements you can have after every work. These are the only destinations you can have.

Mind blowing facts about life show that your success is for a very short period of time while your failure is a nightmare that keeps you awake for a long time.

Life Is A Mystery

A very well known saying about life is this that it’s totally a mysterious, life is a thing that’s not discovered yet, it’s totally different for everyone.

Life Is a Dream For the wise, it’s a game for the fool, comedy for a rich and a tragedy for a poor.

Money Can’t Buy You Happiness

Many people think that money can buy everything including happiness, well I totally disagree with the statement because as much as I know about life it’s that I think it’s much comfortable to cry in BMW rather than on a bicycle.

You cannot wipe your tears with dollars; it’s much easy to use a tissue paper.

Money can buy expensive shirts, but it’s hard to buy a shoulder.

A truly rich person is the one whose family runs into its arms even when his hands are empty, it’s something money can’t buy.

The Best Priority To Judge You For The World Is Your Failure

No matter how hard you try, no matter how long you try, no matter how you struggle, success or failure are the only result, the achievement is so little, it only makes you feel better for yourself only, only few people will love it and only few will care about this.

But if you fail, you will be grounded in front of the world because your failure is the best priority for people to judge you.

These are the most interesting facts about life that should have increased your knowledge. Subscribe us for the latest updates and for the latest mind blowing facts about life, dreams, animals and the universe.

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