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Mars Facts And Complete Information about Mars

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Latest scientific discoveries, information about mars and all the Mars facts tells us that there can be life on Planet Mars, but we can only decide whether there can be life on Mars or not, after knowing all the information about mars discoveries in space along with some interesting mars facts.

Complete Information About Mars

Planet mars is also known as Red Planet, it is the closest planet to earth in both size and shape, and is the 4th closest planet to the sun.

Here is complete information about Mars from A to Z.

Planet Mars Stats

Distance From Sun:

The distance of mars from the Sun is 227,936640 kilometers which is equal to 141,633,260 miles.

Distance From Earth:

The distance from mars to earth or earth to mars is 56 million kilometer.

Length of Year:

The length of one year on this planet is equal to 687 days.

Length of Day:

The exact length of one day is 37 minutes more than earth, means this planet has one day with a length of 24 hours, 37 minutes.

Temperature Range:

The temperature range on Mars from minimum to the maximum is -87°C to -5°C.

Size of The Red Planet

This planet has a diameter of 6,795 kilometers which is equal to 4,222 miles; it also has a radius of 3,390 kilometer which is almost half of the earth’s size.

Gravity on Mars

The gravity on this planet is 38 % of earth.

Atmospheric Pressure:

The atmospheric pressure of Mars is 1% of Earth’s sea level.

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Interesting Mars Facts

information about mars facts

Below are many interesting and unbelievable Mars facts everyone wants to learn, if you already know Mars facts then i must recommend you to read: Atomic Bomb Facts

  • Mars is very much dusty and rusty rocky, so it is also known as red planet.
  • At its north and south side, it has many ice caps, which means that there could be maximum chance of having water.
  • The Dust storms in the Mars are the largest storms in the Universe, yet they travels throughout whole mars and doesn’t end for months.
  • Mars is named after the Roman God of War.
  • The atmosphere of mars of is very thick enough to trap the heat that is why it is very cold.
  • During winter season on mars even 30% of the air freezes.
  • The gravity on mars is very weak, so you can jump up to 7 feet.
  • Mars is the only planet with the highest probability of life.
  • Almost every scientist thinks that there is water on the mars.
  • Mars has the largest Volcano called “Olympus Mons” in our Solar System.
  • One of the interesting mars facts you probably aren’t aware of is that your weight would weigh 62 pounds less on Planet Mars.
  • The actual date when Mars was discovered is unknown, Legends says that the discovery of Mars dates with the era of ancient Egypt. It is said that in the 2nd Millennium BCE ancient astronomers discovered the Planet Mars.
  • Planet mars is known to be currently uninhabitable.
  • It took about 8 months to reach mars from earth.
  • The core of planet Mars is made of Sulfur and Iron.
  • Mars have the oxygen, but it has very low density.
  • This planet has 2 moons, known as Phobos and Deimos.
  • Mars is the 2nd smallest planet after Pluto in the solar system.
  • The Mars mission of India is cheaper than Hollywood movie named “Gravity”.

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