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Littering Facts, Effects and Statistics

Today we have got crazy, weird, wild, unexpected and true littering facts to show you how litter affects your life and environment.

LITTER: A Piece of rubbish or waste disposed improperly at any wrong location is called Litter.

LITTERING: Littering means throwing useless objects or things on the ground improperly rather than disposing them in recycle bin or garbage can.

Origination of Litter

As you probably have seen objects thrown away on different locations on the ground that produces unwanted smell and disgusting environment, all the waste that originates from factories, houses and industries disposed improperly causes littering.

Litter can also originate from moving vehicles, demolished sites, households, uncovered trucks, and even pedestrians. Apart from that, the negligence of people or people with environmental authorities in the town or city can cause litter. For example: Unavailability of trash cans, garbage containers, and carelessness of pedestrians.

What Are the Effects of Littering?

The effects of littering are limitless because it destroys life as well as economy of the nation.

  • It is unattractive, filthy and smelly.
  • It is unhealthy and very dangerous for those live nearby.
  • Litter has also increased the population by rats within few years to more than over 70 million.
  • It can cause many harmful diseases.
  • littering factsLittering also affect plants and trees, it stops their growth by unnecessary means, i.e. damaging the soil.
  • Useless chemicals from the industry are disposed in water that is main cause of water pollution.
  • It is also very harmful for oceans, storm water and rivers.
  • It also affects the local economy that concerns tourists.
  • As far as litters like sharp objects can damage the health of street animals.
  • Litter is a great symbol that indicates carelessness.
  • Local communities are also affected by littering.
  • It also risks the life of birds because most of the birds swallow sharp objects like nails and steel causing death.

In short I must say Littering affects the “QUALITY OF LIFE.

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11 Interesting Littering Facts

Here is a collection of litter facts that will surely enhance your knowledge about this disgusting habit.

  • Litter has a huge effect on the economy of a Nation; it costs over 300 million dollars per year.
  • The plastic litter, executed in the sea from factories has killed over 300,000 turtles and mammals.
  • One person produces garbage of about 1600 pounds per year.
  • Due to increase in garbage, each year 15% more carbon dioxide is emitted.
  • Due to litters and objects on the road, severe accidents are committed and for the last four years, littering on the road has caused 500,000 accidents
  • Littering facts show that it’s illegal and is strictly banned in several countries.
  • Places with high litters are considered to be criminal spots, because the probability of having a criminal in places with litter is very high.
  • Littering kills 10,000 tress each year.
  • An average American after every 4 hour throws trash without disposing it properly.
  • Over half of all the littering objects contain “cigarette butts”.
  • People with dirty mind and thoughts produces more irritating environment.
  • Laziness and ignorance in people is the major cause of littering.
  • One of the most interesting littering facts shows that people addicted to alcohol and drugs causes more litter.

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Stop Littering and Save the World

Well it is a very simple question with a very simple answer: PICK UP LITTER, STOP LITTERING and REPORT QUICKLY if you find someone littering.

Other than this “Stop littering” will be useful with following perspectives:

  1. It will decrease the water pollution and will increase its quality.
  1. It will also control the emission of Carbon dioxide.
  1. Stop littering will save wild life and humanity from death.
  1. It can strengthen the economy of nation.

Save the world and stop littering, it will save both your health and your nation because the only cure for Litter is You.

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