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Interesting Bunny Rabbit Facts for Kids

If you want to add a bunny rabbit in your home then you should read these interesting rabbit facts before taking any decision.

Irresistibly soft and fluffy with their floppy bunny years and twitching bunny nose many people can’t resist their lovable look. Throughout years, the cute creature named rabbit who loves to live in woods, grasslands, forests, wetlands and deserts is a symbol of fertility. Some people hunt them down for food and some kept them as a pet in home and today we are going to discuss these interesting rabbit facts for kids that will surely groom your knowledge about the rabbits.

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Fun Facts about Rabbits

Here are some of the most interesting fun facts about rabbit you will love to read.

  • Rabbit is a mammal, which can sleep with open eyes.
  • In general when rabbit has no name, then male rabbit is buck, while a female is doe.
  • When they are asleep their nose stops twitching.
  • rabbit facts for kidsRabbit is also the animal in Chinese Zodiac who represents kindness, compassion, sensitivity and elegance.
  • The longest year of the rabbit is measured 31 inches.
  • When you keep a rabbit as a pet, you should never touch him unless or until he’s ready for it, because a rabbit has a very weak heart and you might scare him to death.
  • They Love vegetables. Their health depends on the amount of hay and grass present in their food.
  • They don’t even want to smell meat.
  • Darius” is the largest Rabbit in the world, Darius weights up to 50 pounds and is approximately 4 feet and 3 inches in size.
  • An interesting fact about rabbit tells us that when they are babies, they are called kittens.
  • The favorite food of a rabbit is carrot.
  • Aztecs worshiped 400 rabbit gods.
  • You may not believe on this weird rabbit fact, but let me tell you that a rabbit can see in all direction in an angle of 360 degree, the only blind spot for them is in front of their nose.
  • After cats and dogs, rabbits are 3rd abandoned pet kept in shelters.
  • In wild they have their own herds or groups where they survive as a group.
  • The cute ears of bunny rabbits are mostly 4 inches long.
  • Hares and rabbits are totally different from each other.
  • On average a rabbit sleeps for up to 8 hours a day.
  • In North America you can find half of the rabbit’s population.
  • When a rabbit is born, it has no fur but when it grew its fur increases.
  • A rabbit has 28 teeth and let me tell you one of the most interesting rabbit facts that their tooth never stops growing throughout their life.
  • There is a type of rabbit that can be trained like dogs.
  • Domestic (pet) rabbit dies within 2 to 3 days if it is left in wild.
  • In 600 BC a concept was brought forward that rabbit feet can bring good luck.
  • The maximum age of rabbit is around 16 years.
  • There is a type of rabbit known as “Cotton tail Rabbit”, which lives in nests above the ground level.
  • For those who hunt rabbit it is proved that the meat of rabbit is lower in calories, fats and cholesterol than beef, chicken and pork.

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