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12 Interesting Facts about Lightning and Thunder

Written by Thomas

Here is a collection of most amazing and interesting facts about lightning. Read this awesome collection of lightning facts to enhance your knowledge and learn more about the world of wonders around you.

12 Interesting Facts about Lightning

  • Lightning temperature is roughly 53000 degrees. When it strikes you, it usually travels over your skin heating up everything in its way. So it will probably UNDRESS YOU. It also causes a weird tattoo on your skin called “Lichtenberg Figures”.
  • One of the most interesting facts about lightning shows that a single bolt of lightning is 10 times hotter than the surface of earth.
  • A very unexpected and interesting fact about lightning informs that, in 1998 a whole football team in Africa was killed by lightning. During that short duration the opponent team was left unhurt.
  • Once upon a time in Utah there lived 900 sheep. They were like brothers and let me tell you a very interesting fact that, all of them were killed by a lightning bolt in 1939. That’s how there brotherhood destroyed. ????
  • lightning factsLightning also carries X-Ray radiations.
  • A study shows that men have five times more probability to strike by lightning than women.
  • A scientific report reveals an amazing fact about thunder and lightning that if the global warming continues at the same rate till 2100. Then there will be a 50% increase in lightning strike.
  • Lightning causes 24000 deaths each year all around the world.
  • Did you know that one bolt of lightning has the energy to toast all of your bones in 10 seconds.
  • When the woods are left burned by lightning storms, the African Bongos eat them.

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