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33 Interesting Facts about Google

Google is the world’s most visited website and there are some interesting, funny, weird, awesome. cool and amazing google facts.

33 Interesting Facts about Google

  1. 16 % of the searches that occur every day are ones that Google has never heard before.

2. Originally Google was known as Backrub.

3. Google is also intending to make a computer that can program itself.

4. In 1999, Google was nearly going to meet new owners “Excite” in US$ 1 million.

5. 14 % of their employees haven’t been to college.

6. On 16th August 2013 Global internet visitors dropped by 40% because google was delayed for 5 minutes.

fun google facts7. When a google employee passes away their spouse and children will receive US$ 1000 and half of the employee’s pay per month for 19 years.

8. The first message from Google was in binary saying “i’m FEELING LUCKY”.

9. One of the best facts about Google shows that it wants to scan 129 Million Unique Books before 2030.

10. To create a street view of the desert Google hired a Camel.

11. Google earns more than 20 billion US dollars a year.

12. Every minute more than 20 million searches are performed on this search engine.

13. The best developers of Firefox are now Google employees.

14. It is considered to be one of the best companies in the world to work for.

15.  Youtube is owned by Google

16. Google purchased Youtube for US$1.65 billion 18 months after it was created.

17. Youtube then became the 2nd largest search engine in the world, bigger than Yahoo and Bing combined.

interesting facts about google

18. The name of the company was originally intended to be “GOOGOL” but by accident the founders named it Google.

19. On April 1st, 2007, an email was sent by the facility to its employees that “a python was seen in the building” and most of the people thought it was April Fools’ Day prank.

20. Google also comes up with a version to translate in “KLINGONS”.

21. The domain name is the property of google itself.

22. Over 270 searches are dropped per second on Google.

23. In 1998, the first Google Doodle was set by the founders and it links with Burning man Festival.

24. A little girl wrote a request to the company to give her father a day of leave on his birthday. This was their reply

Google facts

25. Google Images has a secret game. Type “Atari Breakout” in google images and you will find a game.

google facts

26. If you type “ASKEW” in the search engine, you will see that the content is actually slightly tilted.

askew in google

27. WhenGmail was launched on 1st of April in 2004, most of the world thought it was a Prank performed on April Fools’ Day.

28. Steve Jobs wanted the yellow zero removed from the logo, and any other color should be used instead of yellow.

29. A mistake of Google maps leads “NICARAGUA” to attack COSTA RICA.

30. Google Maps’ also gives an unbelievable 360 degree view of the Mount Everest base camps.

31. You can also see underwater views through GOOGLE MAPS’.

32. Google owns 466453 domains like gooogle,googel and gogle to cover mistypes.

33. One gram of the humans DNA is able to store all the Facebook and google’s data.

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