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History Trivia Questions: The Forgotten Stories

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History is the only witness for the legendary events of legends, these historical facts and history trivia questions witness the most extraordinary events happened in the past.

Test your knowledge about history by answering some of these interesting history trivia questions and learn something new and interesting about history and historical events.

Note: The correct results will be shown after the submission of all these answers, you can also leave all these history trivia questions blank and submit the report to find correct answers.  

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Test Your History Knowledge

The first world cup for football was conducted in which country?

The teddy bear was named after:

The first President to live in White House was:

Who kept a bear as a pet in his dorm room?

Ancient Egyptians used slabs of stones as:

Who was known as the goddess of beauty, according to Greek myths?

Who Built the great Wall of China?

Which one of the following animal is called ship of desert.

The longest war in the history was lasted for 335 years between:

The scientist attacked by pack of rabbits was:

The war of Anglo-Zanzibar of 1896 lasted for:

Which action movie star died in a road accident in 2015?

Movie star who was known as the voice of Iron Giant was:

In 1929 the soft drink 7-Up was invented by:

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Note that if you achieve 50% marks in this Exam, this means you have passed the quiz. Try answering all these trivia questions and find out whats new for you.

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