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The Great Pyramid of Giza Facts Myths and History

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The great pyramid of Giza is a true masterpiece of the ancient Egypt and there are many interesting Great Pyramid of Giza facts that you probably don’t know.

History of the Khufu Pyramid

great pyramid of giza facts

Giza!!! One of the largest cities of Egypt, as ancient as the birth of history, as civilized as big and as cultured as civilized, Let me take you to the era of ancient Egypt where the peak of status and grace salutes the heights of this developed and rich civilization.

In that era of when Egypt was the most powerful nation, the fourth dynasties of the Kingdom, Kings of Egypt had a great respect and extraordinary position in the society. Kings of Egypt were also believed to be chosen as the protector of the human race by the Gods, which led their respect and majesty intact even after the Kings death. This concept leads ancient believes to construct a structure that reminds the grace and peace of the Kings.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is also known as the Khufu Pyramid was constructed around 2500 B.C in almost 20 years.

This great structure stands till now after the centuries as most magnificent and the most unique structure created by mankind in the history.

The Pyramid is smooth and its every angle is designed precisely, so that the Sun ray’s help the soul of the mighty King ascend to heaven peacefully and join him with the Gods.

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Interesting Great Pyramid of Giza Facts

Within the Giza Necropolis, there are three Pyramids, but the greatest of them is the Pyramid of Khufu and there are many interesting Great Pyramids of Giza facts listed below.

  • It is the oldest and the largest Egyptian Pyramid. It is as high as 481 feet. Archaeologists believed that it was the tallest structure in the world for about 3800 years.
  • Inside the Pyramid the descending passage is pointed toward the star Alpha Draconis. It is said that there is no other star that has aligned with the passage since then.
  • 2 million 300 thousand stone blocks are estimated to make up this pyramid. Those blocks weight from about 2 to 30 tons The heaviest block weights just about 50 tons.
  • The Great Pyramid of Egypt is the oldest of all Seven Wonders of the World. 
  • One of the very interesting Great Pyramid of Giza facts shows that the weight of the Pyramid is estimated as 5 million 955 thousand tons.
  • The Great Pyramid of Giza once had a swivel door at the entrance that weights about 20 tons and can easily pushed open from the inside but on the outside it was very difficult to find because it fit perfectly with the structure.
  • The machinery that was used to built the Great Pyramid of Giza cannot be reproduced today, even thought it has been analyzed by the engineers but they still can’t make it.
  • The interior temperature of this Egyptian Pyramid is constant and equals the average temperature of the earth.

This is The Architecture That Can’t Be Copied Ever!!

You may have heard many Great Pyramid of Giza facts but did you know? This ancient architecture is the most valuable structure because it can’t be copied or I must say that you may need the help of Aliens to replicate the Pyramid.

If we try to build the exact replica of this pyramid, it would not be possible because we do not have the precise technology that the Ancient Egyptians had, that was necessary to build the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Pyramid Was Not Build By Slaves

The Pyramids was not build by the Slaves, it is a very false myth, you must not believe in it, The rumor to built the great Pyramid got started in 450BC by the Greek Historian “HERODOTUS”, and it was clarified later that the construction of this Pyramid was accomplished by skilled and highly trained laborers.

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