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15 Endearing Things Our Tech-Unsavvy Elderly Parents Do

There’s a special charm in parents as they age. Have you ever observed your parents and been amused by their spontaneous antics, performed without much thought?

Online communities have shared humorous anecdotes about their parents’ endearing and funny behaviors. It’s impossible not to smile at the sheer cuteness of these moments. Can you relate? Do your parents engage in such delightful shenanigans?

1. Love, Mom

old woman happy on her phone rose garden
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It’s hard to understand why a Mom would think her own child doesn’t know who she’s texting with. A forum user narrates that her Mom signs off her messages as “Mom” in case there’s confusion.

2. How To Scroll Up

old woman using a computer mouse
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One parent user shares that her Mom found a genius way to scroll up her computer—by raising the mouse off the surface. That would be very helpful if it actually worked.

3. It’s Your Father

old man on the phone
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The number of parents who introduce themselves when they call their kids is baffling. One user says his dad starts his call with, “It’s your father, Jack.”

You’d think he has a couple of fathers, but Jack is the only father he has.

4. Lack of Punctuation

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Cellphones are complicated; between Qwerty, Azerty, and hard-to-understand emojis, most parents can’t figure them out very well.

One user says, “My dad ends texts in “Dad,” but he doesn’t use punctuation because he doesn’t know how. So I get lots of texts that read, “where are you i am home dad”

5. Awkward Texting

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Parents don’t just have a problem with punctuation; texting is a field most older parents aren’t very familiar with.

Someone says, “My dad texts like a 16-year-old girl despite having a phone with a full keyboard. I get texts that say things like: “hay ken, mak sur u pik up sum milk frum da store 4 dinner 2nite wen u cum over lol.” He’s a retired doctor and manages a million-dollar business.”

Looks like texting is harder than brain surgery, after all.

6. Wrong Social Media Tags

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Parents are learning to use social media and making all manner of blunders in the process.

An online conversation contributor says, “My mom tags pictures on FB with people who are not in them. For instance, a picture of my nephew will have all my brothers and sisters tagged, but because we are not in the picture, she tags the bush, tree, grass, etc, with our names. It’s pretty funny.”

7. Keeping All Communication Open

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There are many ways to communicate; using one mode at a time is usually just enough. One Mom decided to employ all the channels at her disposal.

Her daughter says, “My mom will call me immediately after she sends me an email. I’ll pick up the phone, I’ll answer “Hello”, and all I hear on the other end is “Did you get my email?!?!”

Mom leaves no room for miscommunication.

8. Giving Foreigners an Accent

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We may interpret meeting people who don’t look like us to be foreigners, and the assumption is they don’t speak our language or they have an accent.

One contributor says, “My mom speaks to everyone vaguely foreign-looking in broken English, whether they have an accent or not. Her “Mexican” imitation is my favorite because she’ll always say “ayyy?” at the end of her sentences.”

9. Silent Driving

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We all have peculiar habits while driving, and one dad’s ideal driving condition is complete silence. He does not allow his passengers to talk when he needs to make a turn, and he seems capable of hearing their thoughts, too.

A user says, “My father needs COMPLETE AND UTTER SILENCE when he drives. Car trips are … awful. If I am on my phone or having a conversation with my brother in the car, he will tell us to be quiet when he is about to turn or get onto a highway. Once, I was sitting there quietly looking out the window when he told me, “Shhhh, be quiet now; I’m about to get on Highway 70.” It is so bizarre; I still don’t get why he does that.”

10. An Idiom Mixup

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One dad discovered the perfect way to massacre the English language, and it’s hilarious.

A conversation contributor says, “My father splices idioms a lot (similar to the bartender in Boondock Saints). My favorite one was the time he said, “… Don’t count all your lucky chickens in one basket.”

11. 149 Percent

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Answering the question, “How are you?” is difficult, but not for one dad. He knows he’s OK, and it’s specific to the percentage.

A user contributes, “When I ring my dad to ask how he’s getting on, he always replies “I’m 149%” no matter how he’s feeling.[It’s a] running joke now.”

Maybe that’s the perfection we’re all looking for.

12. The Yelling Mom

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Parents have a PhD in embarrassing their kids (even adult kids), deliberately or just by not caring about social etiquette, and we love them for it.

A contributor says, “My mother yells when I go into restaurants to flag me down. Even if it’s just my mom and my dad, she will yell and wave her arms down like she’s trying to get the attention of a rescue chopper.”

13. Calls Like Clockwork

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It’s a wonderful thing when parents call to check on their kids, and it’s even more heartwarming when they do it at the same time every day.

A user shares, “My parents call me every Sunday night at 5:00. You can set your watch to it. And if I don’t answer, my dad always leaves this message: Hello, Tiff. This is your father. We were just calling to see how things were going. Give us a buzz when you get a chance. The number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

They have had the same number for 19 years but will still recite it.

14. Wrong Emojis

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We must admit that most emojis and text abbreviations are hard to decode, and they’re particularly confusing to older generations.

Someone shares, “My mom thinks that “lol” means “lots of love”. Her last text went something like this: “Grandad is in the hospital, lol; call me.”

I don’t think grandpa was lol-ing.

15. How Not To Tell A Joke

telling a joke laughing
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Some people are natural at telling jokes; others, not so much. One user’s Mom loves to tell jokes, and her narration is more hilarious than the joke.

A user says, “My mom tells me jokes. They’re often unfunny, long, and translated from another language, losing all meaning anyway. Also, she laughs so hard before the punchline she starts to tear up and can hardly finish the joke.”


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