2. The Matterhorn was the first tubular steel roller coaster ever, the first roller coaster that could handle multiple cars on the track at once, and the first fully themed indoor and outdoor roller coaster.

3. Walt Disney got inspiration for the Matterhorn from Switzerland.

4. There is a basketball court inside the Matterhorn that is for employee use only. They use it to shoot hoops during their breaks.

5. Each year, there are 2.8 million churros sold at Disneyland.

6. Until 1982, guests had to buy individual tickets for each attraction.

7. The Haunted Mansion is only a front for the actual ride which is underground. When you walk down the portrait hall, you’re actually walking beneath the Disneyland Railroad tracks!

8. There used to be a tobacco shop as well as a lingerie shop. The tobacco shop closed in 1991, and the lingerie shop only lasted 6 months, closing in 1956.

9. The drawbridge at Sleeping Beauty’s castle is fully functioning, but it was only been used twice. Once on opening day, and again for the opening of the remodeled Fantasyland.

10. Walt Disney would sometimes wait in line with park visitors just because he loved spending time with them.

11. The last ride that was personally supervised by Walt Disney was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

12. Thunder Mountain took 10 years of planning and 18 months to fully construct, costing $17 million dollars. That’s more time and the same cost as the entire park!

13. There were only 3 unscheduled days when the park had to close – the day of mourning after the Kennedy assassination, after the Northridge earthquake in 1994, and on 9/11.

14. There are more than 100,00 lightbulbs outlining the buildings on Main Street.

15. Since opening, there have been 3 babies born in Disneyland.

16. When visiting the park, you are never more than 30 steps from a trashcan.

17. There are 11 Disney parks around the world in 4 countries – so technically, the sun never sets on Disneyland.

18. George Lucas attended the opening day of Disneyland at 11 years old.

19. Originally, Disney wanted there to be live animals on The Jungle Cruise, but most of the animals were nocturnal and they would have been asleep during the park hours.

20. The coins that are thrown into the water by It’s A Small World are donated to a charity that grants kid’s wishes who have life-threatening illnesses.

21. The total miles driven by the monorail trains is equivalent to more than 30 round trips to the moon.