Byford Dolphin Accident 1983 Explosive Decompression Facts

Byford Dolphin Accident 1983 Explosive Decompression– also known as the most horrific accident in offshore drilling history. On November 5, 1983, a terrific accident killed 5 people while they were drilling in a gas field.

How Did The Byford Dolphin Accident 1983 Explosive Decompression Occurred?

Five workers were working in the North Sea on a Norwegian semi-submersible oil rig. They were in a decompression chamber system. In an instant, something weird happened.

According to the laws of Physics the chamber lost immense amount of pressure.

Byford Dolphin Accident occurred when Billy Crammond opened up the hatch to the decompression chamber. Billy was also working in that chamber. At that moment, the chamber decompressed from 9 atmospheres to 1 atmosphere. All the people were dead.

Facts about Byford Dolphin Accident 1983 Explosive Decompression

Byford Dolphin Accident 1983 Explosive Decompression

  • Investigation report shows that the one who was closest to the door literally exploded. He had the most violent death.
  • This entire incident happened so quickly and the doctors claims they felt no pain whatsoever.
  • Byford Dolphin Accident 1983 Explosive Decompression was very severe and facts show that, one man among all did manage to survive. He was injured very badly and it took almost 4 years to recover his injuries.

According to Roy Lucas’ daughter, Clare:

Those who saw what happened will never forget the horrors they witnessed.


  • Investigation report revealed that faulty equipment caused the incident. Tough, there was no human fault.

The pictures of this incident are also available on the internet. But remember that, these pictures are extremely graphic and are not for everyone.

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Interesting Haiti Earthquake Facts and Figures – Interesting Facts

Today we have got an amazing and interesting collection of Haiti Earthquake facts and figures that will blow your mind for sure.

Every day the earth is shaken by hundreds of small earthquakes, most go unnoticed. These earthquakes usually occur along the boundaries of thin plate’s covering the earth like an eggshell.

The surface of the earth is made up of 20 plates that can move constantly , driven by the heat within the earth’s core the plates lined against each other on long lines called faults and when these platesHaiti Earthquake Facts find their motion blocked, stress builds up and the released energy rises through the earth in the form of waves and movement of plates creates a force shaking the earth called Earthquake.

Haiti earthquake date:  January 12, 2010.

2010 Haiti earthquake plate boundary: Its boundary lies on the boundary of North America and Caribbean.

Haiti earthquake 2010 size:  7.0 on the Richter Scale

2010 Haiti Earthquake Facts

Here is a list of most shocking and unbelievable Haiti Earthquake facts.

  • RED CROSS donated 103 million dollars.
  • To help people of Haiti, Walmart also donated 600,000 dollars.
  • Before the earthquake, Haiti was considered as one of the poorest countries in the world. Over 70 percent of the population was living under the poverty line.
  • Over 4,000 schools were destroyed or damaged, amounting to about a quarter of the island’s schools.
  • 2010 Haiti earthquake facts shows, it struck the most developed and populated area of the country.
  • After the major earthquake measuring 7.0, aftershocks were also a great problem. According to an estimation 52 aftershocks has been recorded.
  • More than 250,000 homes collapsed.
  • Haiti Earthquake 2010 facts and figures explain that it caused more than 100,000 deaths.
  • Almost 30,000 commercial buildings were damaged.

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Major Depression Facts: Unbelievable Facts about Depression

What is Depression, what is its cause and what are some unknown depression facts? I have decided to write all the answers about this major illness.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression is a common mental disorder characterized by “sadness, loss of interest in pleasure, feelings of guilt, disturbed sleep, feelings of tiredness and poor concentration“.

People who are more likely to suffer from depression are person 45 to 64 years of age, women, blacks, Hispanics, divorced people, the unemployed and people with less than a high school education. People with high rate of depression also has high rate of anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is one of the major issue in the U.S. It has affected more than 40 million people in the U.S. It also costs the country about 45 billion dollars a year. The number of people diagnosed with depression are increasing with the rate of 20% each year.

Unbelievable Depression Facts

Here is a collection of unbelievable facts about depression you may not know.

  • More than 350 Million people of all ages in this world are suffering from depression.
  • Women are considered to suffer from depression approximately 2 times more than men.
  • Depression facts indicates that aging process in cells are more likely to increase when you are depressed. This causes your body to become older faster than normal.
  • depression factsEvery 8th person in the U.S is suffering from depression.
  • A very strange fact about depression shows that funny people and comedians are usually more depressed than others.
  • A research shows that people are suffering from depression 10 times more now than in 1945.
  • When you are depressed you dream 3 to 4 times more than normal.
  • States with higher rate of depression also have higher rates of obesity, stroke, heart disease, sleep disorders, lack of education and less access to medical insurance.
  • Studies and depression facts revealed a very strange myth that people who spent more of their time on laptops/internet/computer are more likely to be lonely, mentally unstable and depressed.
  • ICELAND is known as place of depression because it is the only place where the highest rate of antidepressant are used.
  • France is known as the most depressed country in the whole world. It is observed that 1 in every 5th person in France has suffered depression.
  • SIGMUND FREUD said cocaine is the only treatment for depression.
  • Moderate Exercise is the natural way to prevent this issue, it will make your mind stronger and relax.

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Panther Facts: 20 Amazing Facts about Panthers

The details of Black Panther and interesting Black panther facts fascinate people from all walks of life, all over the world. Today we have got animal with strength, speed, power, courage, attitude and a cute name “Panther” and i am going to tell you some awesome facts about panthers.

Panther is one of the most powerful, active and deadliest mammal from the Big Cats family. They are also known as, Black Leopard, Black Jaguar and Black Panther.


In the wild panther can live only 12 years, but in Captivity they can live a longer life of 20 years.


It can be in different size depending on its body weight, the maximum weight a it can achieve is 160 kg, and normally their weight varies with their age from “36 Kg – 160 Kg”.


A healthy and young panther can sprint up to 114 Kilometers per hour.

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Interesting Panther Facts: 20 Facts about Panthers

panther facts

Here is a list of Panther Facts from which you can learn more about Big cats.

  • They are one of the most strong and great climbers in the Big Cats Family.
  • The Black Panther is a stealth attacker and is also known as the ghost of the forest.
  • It is from the big cat family and by studying its strength and abilities, the researchers said that it is actually a Leopard or a Jaguar.
  • A she-panther got pregnant for 3 months.
  • Panther facts shows that White panthers are known to be one of the rarest animals breed in the world, there are only few hundred white one in the world.
  • They love swimming and they often swim to relax themselves.
  • A panther can lift hunted animal 50 times heavier than himself.
  • The Yellow-Panther can have both black and yellow cubs.
  • Florida panther is not the pure breed, although researchers say that it’s not a panther.

New Black Panther Facts

black panther facts

  • There are many amazing panther facts and it is believed that Lorenz Oken in 1816 was the first person to describe this breed.
  • When they are babies their eyes are closed and covered with gray fur.
  • Panther doesn’t leave its mother until or unless he is one and half years old.
  • They can easily hunt down their prey in the night because of their black color.
  • They are solitary by breed and they only meet during the mating season.
  • Panthers are carnivores.
  • Black panthers are beautiful but rare, they can only be found in the jungles of US, UK and Australia.
  • Some extraordinary facts about panthers tell us that this creature can lean up to 25 feet.
  • Panthers can also become good pets, only if they are raised with care from their childhood.
  • They are hunters by birth, because their mother teaches them how to hunt at the age of 3 months.
  • The largest panther is of 10 feet in length.
  • A panther can also produce loud roar like lions.

Panther Fact: Different Types of Panthers

Panthers belong to the family of cats, leopards and lions. They are somehow called jaguars and there are different types of panthers. The two main types of panther are white and black panther. The other types of panther are classified with respect to their colors. The other types of panther are yellow panthers, tawny panthers and spotted panthers.

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JFK Facts: Legacy of American’s 35th President

John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of America, and is also known as JFK. There are many facts about JFK that you may probably aren’t aware of.

JFK Biography


(From 1917 to 1963)

  • JFK was born on 29th May, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts.
  • He was assassinated and died on 22nd November, 1963 in Texas.

He was raised by his wealthy parents. His father, Joseph Kennedy was a prominent political figure in the history of United States, He always wanted his son to become the president of America and worked tirelessly for his success. His elder son was killed during World War 2 and it was JFK who become the president. Many tragedies happen for the family and JFK died an untimely death on November 22nd.

His parents were Joseph Patrick Kennedy and Fitzgerald Kennedy, He had 8 siblings including 5 sisters and 3 brothers. JFK married Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953 and they also had four children but only two of them survived.


His career included the roles of politician and statesman, he received an excellent education and graduated from Harvard college. In 1961 he became the president of America and serve for only two years until 1963.

JFK FACTS – 10 Interesting Facts about JFK

During his time as a president and as a statesman, JFK donated all of his salary to the poor and to charity.

He was 43 years old when he was inaugurated as the 35th president.

He had great concerns about the space programs of high cost, that he also proposed partnering with Soviet Union.

A weird JFK fact shows that he wrote only 5 sentences in his application to Harvard.

JFK was the fourth president to be assassinated and is one of the 8 presidents to die in office.

John F. Kennedy was the first Catholic President.

He also installed a taping system secretly in the white house in 1962.

JFK, C.S Lewis and Aldous Huxley died on the same day.

16 Million US dollars were paid by the US government to the Zapruder Family for the film of John F. Kennedy assassination.

He also brought 1200 cigars from the Cuba few hours before singing Embargo against the Cuba.

Interesting Bunny Rabbit Facts for Kids

If you want to add a bunny rabbit in your home then you should read these interesting rabbit facts before taking any decision.

Irresistibly soft and fluffy with their floppy bunny years and twitching bunny nose many people can’t resist their lovable look. Throughout years, the cute creature named rabbit who loves to live in woods, grasslands, forests, wetlands and deserts is a symbol of fertility. Some people hunt them down for food and some kept them as a pet in home and today we are going to discuss these interesting rabbit facts for kids that will surely groom your knowledge about the rabbits.

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Fun Facts about Rabbits

Here are some of the most interesting fun facts about rabbit you will love to read.

  • Rabbit is a mammal, which can sleep with open eyes.
  • In general when rabbit has no name, then male rabbit is buck, while a female is doe.
  • When they are asleep their nose stops twitching.
  • rabbit facts for kidsRabbit is also the animal in Chinese Zodiac who represents kindness, compassion, sensitivity and elegance.
  • The longest year of the rabbit is measured 31 inches.
  • When you keep a rabbit as a pet, you should never touch him unless or until he’s ready for it, because a rabbit has a very weak heart and you might scare him to death.
  • They Love vegetables. Their health depends on the amount of hay and grass present in their food.
  • They don’t even want to smell meat.
  • Darius” is the largest Rabbit in the world, Darius weights up to 50 pounds and is approximately 4 feet and 3 inches in size.
  • An interesting fact about rabbit tells us that when they are babies, they are called kittens.
  • The favorite food of a rabbit is carrot.
  • Aztecs worshiped 400 rabbit gods.
  • You may not believe on this weird rabbit fact, but let me tell you that a rabbit can see in all direction in an angle of 360 degree, the only blind spot for them is in front of their nose.
  • After cats and dogs, rabbits are 3rd abandoned pet kept in shelters.
  • In wild they have their own herds or groups where they survive as a group.
  • The cute ears of bunny rabbits are mostly 4 inches long.
  • Hares and rabbits are totally different from each other.
  • On average a rabbit sleeps for up to 8 hours a day.
  • In North America you can find half of the rabbit’s population.
  • When a rabbit is born, it has no fur but when it grew its fur increases.
  • A rabbit has 28 teeth and let me tell you one of the most interesting rabbit facts that their tooth never stops growing throughout their life.
  • There is a type of rabbit that can be trained like dogs.
  • Domestic (pet) rabbit dies within 2 to 3 days if it is left in wild.
  • In 600 BC a concept was brought forward that rabbit feet can bring good luck.
  • The maximum age of rabbit is around 16 years.
  • There is a type of rabbit known as “Cotton tail Rabbit”, which lives in nests above the ground level.
  • For those who hunt rabbit it is proved that the meat of rabbit is lower in calories, fats and cholesterol than beef, chicken and pork.

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Stephen Hawking Facts, Biography and Theories

Stephen Hawking facts, biography and theories reveals some interesting truths of the great legend, these are the facts you probably didn’t heard before.

Stephen William Hawking was born in oxford England on the 300 anniversary of the death of Galileo on January 8, 1942. At seventeen years old he entered Oxford University, It is told that Stephen Hawking was not a very ambitions student, one day he calculated that he spent about hour a day on the school work.

In 1962, Stephen hawking moved to Cambridge university for a PhD in  cosmology and one year later was diagnosed with ALS lou Gehrig’s disease. It is a type of disease over which a person loses control of his muscles, Hawking lost the control of his muscles but his mind was functioning correctly. Although his diagnoses only gave him 2.5 years to live but Hawking survived and it was his will power and courage to defeat death and let him live and become the extraordinary scientist of all the time.

Hawking married in 1965 and stung the science world in 1974 with his PBS on black holes. He was the person who taught the world how to define a black hole. He made a brilliant discovery that black holes can radiate. He showed a great connection between black hole, physics and thermodynamics.

He became the distinguished scholar at Caltech in 1974 and five years later hawking was named Cambridge university Lucasian professor of mathematics. He is a theoretical physicists of a very specific kind, he studies cosmology, particle physics and gravity, that’s trying to understand the very basic laws of physics as well as where the universe itself came from.

The only thing that makes us very special is that we can understand the universe no matter we are the ants on small planet. “Stephen Hawking”

Popularity with Passion

Hawking sees things that other people didn’t see; he is the person who thinks more deeply than most of the rest of us. Even though Hawking can’t speak by his own, he continued his work with a computerized speech sympathizer to speak. He wrote a brief history of time in 1988 selling more than 10 million copies which is something very great, this achievement made hawking the most courageous person in the history of Science.

Stephen Hawking book “A Brief History of Time” was a great achievement and a great selling book for months. “A Brief History of Time” is about where we come from and where we headed from a physicists point of view. After expanding upon his work, he wrote several more books. He also received a “presidential medal of freedom” in 2009, although he retired from teaching same year.

Hawking increased his popularity by starring in TV shows like Sim Sim, Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory. Hawking is the most remarkable physicists probably since Einstein, there are many other physicists working very deeply at nature secrets but hawking has celebrity status that very few scientists reached. He continues to be held as one of the greatest scientific minds of all time.

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

Amazing Stephen Hawking Facts

Here are some amazing Stephen hawking facts you might not know:

  • Both television special and Newsweek magazine cover described him as a great “Master of Universe”.
  • The Stephen Hawking action figure in Simpson’s is worthier than Superman and Batman action figures.
  • He believed that matter can escape from a black hole, and this concept gave birth to Hawking Radiation.

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  • If you calculate the net worth of Stephen William Hawking, then it will be about 20 Million Dollars.
  • He also believed that time can travel into the future, his theory clarifies that there is no valid reason for time travel into the past, the only possibility is the future not past.
  • Hawking believed that:

We are very small. But we are profoundly capable of very big things.

  • The family car of Stephen hawking in his childhood was an old TAXI car.
  • His parents usually kept bees in the household basement and in the green house they made fireworks.
  • In his young age he attended the Girls school named Albans High School.
  • One of the most amazing stephen hawking facts shows that he usually took apart radios and clocks, but he never succeeded to put them back together in working condition.
  • Stephen Hawking believes that humans must leave earth and they must colonize other planets if they want to save human race.
  • He loves to dance and row. He also had 3 children, a girl and two boys.

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 Stephen Hawking Doesn’t Believe in God

stephen hawking facts

Now you must be thinking, “Does Stephen Hawking believe in god?” well the question is quite valid and let me tell you one of the most surprising Stephen Hawking facts that he does not believe in the existence of God.

Stephen hawking says that even the question “Do God exist?” itself makes no sense. He believe that there is no time before the Big bang and the existence of time makes no sense before the big bang, when there’s no time, then there is no valid point that proves that God make the universe. According to Hawking everyone is free to believe but there is no God according to his believes.

No one created the Universe and no one directs our fate, there’s probably no afterlife and no heaven either. We had only one life to be grateful for this universe and there is no other life to appreciate the design of Universe. “Stephen William Hawking “

After learning all the theories and interesting stephen hawking facts, you should probably believe that Stephen is a person who truly deserves the title of “Master of Universe”. It is really very difficult for a person with this type of physical conditions to become the greatest scientist of all the time. Stephen hawking is a inspiration for all the people who want to do big things and who want to achieve something that seems impossible.

Interesting Facts about William Shakespeare

There are hundreds of interesting facts about William Shakespeare, the greatest writer world has ever known, let me tell you some of the most amazing and interesting William Shakespeare facts that turned him from an actor to a legend.

William Shakespeare’s Biography

William Shakespeare was an English poet and one of the greatest authors of all time, he was born in Stratford upon Avon, United Kingdom, his actual birthday is unanswered but most of the authors believe that he was born on 15 April 23rd, 1564. He was the son of John and Marry Shakespeare; he would have been provided an extraordinary education in Latin grammar and the classics.

Some Rise by sin…. and some by virtual fall

William is widely regarded as a greatest writer in the English language ever existed. And there are many amazing facts behind William Shakespeare’s success.

Key To His Success

William shakespeare sucess

He started his career as an actor in play write as a member of the actors group in “The Kings Company”, after few years this company achieved many success until they eventually built the famous Globe Theater, their very first own stage. As there were only male members in the company, every role had to be played by men but that was not the reason why Shakespeare’s plays like Othello or Hamlet were very popular.

To match the various tastes of the audience, Shakespeare created text of high complexity containing relatively simple plots as well as complex turns. Being the key to his success, his stories also contained multiple characters, twists and lots of confusions containing something for everyone in the audience.  So, it wasn’t

Famous Plays of William Shakespeare

Here is a list of 10 most famous play writes of William Shakespeare’s”

  1. Hamlet
  2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  3. As You Like It
  4. Romeo and Juliet
  5. King Lear
  6. Henry V
  7. Richard II
  8. Love’s Labour’s Lost
  9. Timon of Athens
  10. Sir John Oldcastle

Interesting William Shakespeare Facts

Here is a list of most interesting facts about William Shakespeare that you probably don’t know.

Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive…. “William Shakespeare”

  • In 1592 his work was criticized by another play write which documented his career, although it is unknown when he began writing.
  • Around 1859 to 1860 Shakespeare wrote his first play named:”Henry VI”.
  • To many people he was a keen businessman.
  • He was probably educated in the local grammar school and then there is no record of him until he married “­­­Anne Hathaway” in 1582.

facts about William shakespeare

  • The years 1599 to 1601 were the most important part in Shakespeare’s life, because during this time he wrote one of his famous compositions, The Play Hamlet, it would be the most popular plays ever known to the world.
  • All the while there is a more sensitive side of William, not as a play write or author but as a poet, His first poem was published in 1609 and the words touched the hearts of the world making William one of the best poets ever.
  • One of the most interesting facts about William Shakespeare explains that he also created many of the new words that never existed before. He has been credited by the oxford English dictionary as introducing more than 3000 words in to the English language.
  • William Shakespeare is the inventor of the word “Assassination”.
  • Globe was the name of the theater which makes William Shakespeare a wealthy man.
  • His works consists of some 38 plays, 154 sonnets and many other poems, his plays have been translated into many of the modern languages and his plays are been performed more than any other play write in history.
  • The most famous poem of Shakespeare was the “Fairy Song”.
  • Words “Fashionable” and “Eyeball” are also the creation of William Shakespeare.

Suicide in Literature

A very astonishing and unknown cause behind mysterious facts about William Shakespeare indicates that in his plays there are 13 suicides recorded. He ended many love stories with a suicide in his very famous plays.

The number suicides recorded in William Shakespeare’s plays are:

2 in Romeo and Juliet

3 in Julius Caesar

1 in Hamlet

1 in Macbeth

5 in Antony and Cleopatra

Weird facts About William Shakespeare: William Shakespeare Facts

Here are some weird facts about William Shakespeare:

  • William Shakespeare had seven siblings, two of whom were named JOHN and they were born a year apart. Two baby girls with same name really make this fact weird for Shakespeare.
  • Shakespeare never spelled his name Shakespeare in the documents, the spellings were totally different.
  • In 1613 the Globe Theater burned during the performance of Shakespeare’s play, it seems weird because it was a play managed to burn down his own theater.
  • William Shakespeare works have been translated in to over 80 languages, and the weirdest of all was that Shakespeare was also translated into Klingon.
  • At first Shakespeare never actually published any of his plays, two of his friends published 36 of his plays in an edition called “First Folio”. His plays began to be published in 1594 and by 1598 his name starts appearing on the title pages of the works.

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Who Invented The Piano? Amazing Facts

William Shakespeare died in 1616 at the age of 52, but his plays are still performed today and amaze audiences. His stories have found their way in to many of today’s movies, books and even music.   


Jackie Robinson Facts: 30 Interesting Facts About Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson facts tells us the story of best baseball player ever existed in the history, Jackie made history in 1947 when he started playing his professional carrier with Brooklyn Dodgers.

There are many interesting facts about jackie robinson to prove him the best baseball player ever. Before knowing some interesting facts about Jackie Robinson, we must know his career and his complete life story.

Jackie Robinson Facts and Biography

jackie robinson facts

His Life began on January 31st 1919 in Cairo Georgia; Jackie Robinson was the youngest of 5 siblings and was raised by his mother after his father left his mother with the children. About the year after Jackie was born the family moved to California, there Jackie followed his older brother Mac into the athletics, his brother was a shining star and for Jackie it was also the same. He loved playing football, baseball, tennis and basket ball.

But remember at this time in history, African Americans were treated unfairly and even though he played well on his team, other American team mates still treated him poorly.

When it came to getting an education, Jackie went to a famous school on the west coast called UCLA. There he was a star player in: Track and Field, Basketball, Football and Baseball, and was a first ever to earn a NCAA national championship in the long jump, while he was in college.

Some interesting words of Jackie Robinson:

I never cared about acceptance as much as i cared about RESPECT 

What Happened After The Graduation?  

After graduating the college, Jackie Robinson went on to play professional football but he did not play long because WORLD WAR 2 started and he went to the army.

After spending time in the army, Jackie returned but did not go back to football. He actually went back to play Baseball and started playing for the Negro League team called the “Kansas City Monarchs”. 

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How Jackie Robinson Played in Major League?

Jackie Robinson facts shows that he was the first African American to play in major league baseball at that time African Americans were not allowed to play with Americans. Now you must be thinking, how Jackie Robinson played in Major League, when he was not allowed to play.

The general manager of the Brooklyn dodgers, Branch Rickey approached Jackie Robinson to play in the major league. On April 15, 1947, he became a first African American to play baseball in the major leagues.

During his 10 years in the major leagues, he was named to the all star team 6 times. Over the next 10 years Jackie was one of the best baseball players in the major leagues.

Interesting Jackie Robinson Facts

  • Interesting jackie robinson facts50 years after Jackie Robinson, in 1997 his number “42” was permanently unavailable by each and every team in Major League.
  • Every year April 15th is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Major league of baseball as Jackie Robinson day.
  • Jackie Robinson middle name was a nod; he was named after the president Theodore Roosevelt.
  • He was included inducted into the hall of fame in 1962.
  • One of the interesting Jackie Robinson facts shows that: He was a great athlete in all the four games but it is said that he never intended to become a great baseball player; in fact baseball was his least favorite game.
  • Robinson also started a Hollywood story which was based on his own life.
  • In 1992 he was elected to the baseball hall of fame.
  • He was the first African-American, who became a great TV sports analyst.
  • In Olympics His elder brother had a great name in earning silver medals.
  • On March 26, 1984, he was awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  • Due to diabetes, Jackie left the baseball.
  • He was arrested 2 times.
  • He had conservative views on war of Vietnam.
  • Robinson died on a heart attack on October 24th

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Although Jackie Robinson is gone but his legacy will never be forgotten. And he will always be the best baseball player ever.


Here is a list of top 10 little-known facts about Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson facts tell us the story behind the man who faced an uphill struggle while breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball. Robinson had to face threats and insults, yet still perform on the field at the highest level. His resolve in the face of pressure is an inspiration to all people.

  1. Jackie Robinson Was Named After Theodore Roosevelt
  2. His Brother Raced with Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics
  3. Jackie Robinson Was Arrested in 1938
  4. He Was Arrested Again in 1944
  5. Jackie Robinson Was Good at Baseball…Basketball, Football, and Track
  6. Jackie Robinson Earned His First MVP Award in 1938
  7. He Won the Long Jump at the NCAA Championships in 1940
  8. Jackie Robinson Was Friends with Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis
  9. The Second Black Player in Baseball Started Only 6 Weeks after Robinson
  10. Jackie Robinson Played in the Negro Baseball League before the Dodgers

1. Jackie Robinson Was Named After Theodore Roosevelt

jackie robinson facts

Jackie Robinson was born Jack Roosevelt Robinson, the youngest of five children in a lower-middle class family in Georgia in 1919. Robinson got his middle name from President Theodore Roosevelt, who died shortly before Robinson was born.

One year after Jackie Robinson was born, his father left the family and his mother moved the Jackie and his siblings to California. This is one of the first Jackie Robinson facts that tells us about the challenges he overcame growing up.

Jackie Robinson’s mother, Mallie Robinson, was a hard-working single mom. She worked a number of jobs to support Jackie and his brothers and sisters. Jackie Robinson faced segregation growing up in Pasadena, California, and was banned from participating in many activities.

2.His Brother Raced with Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics

jackie robinson facts

Jackie Robinson and his brothers must have chased each other around a lot, because they were all fast! Jackie’s older brother, Matthew “Mack” Robinson, was a silver medalist in the 1936 Olympics for the 200-meter sprint.

Mack Robinson finished second at the 1936 Olympics to Jesse Owens! This is one of the surprising and interesting Jackie Robinson facts. Jesse Owens’ gold medal wins at the 1936 Olympics were an important message to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

The Germans were practicing segregation, and the series of events that would lead to World War 2 and the Holocaust had already begun. Jesse Owens was aware of this and became a symbol to the world that people of all races are equal.

Jesse Owens’ victory was especially important to the Black community at a time when most Black people in the United States continued to face legal and cultural segregation. There is no doubt that this must have had an impact on Jackie Robinson’s character and on his decision to use sports as a way of spreading a message of equality.

3. Jackie Robinson Was Arrested in 1938

jackie robinson facts

In 1938, while Jackie Robinson was excelling as an athlete and displaying his character through community involvement, he began to come to terms with the racism that existed in the United States at the time.

It’s another one of the inspiring Jackie Robinson facts that he did not sit back and accept the racism he saw, but stood up for what he thought was right. Robinson was arrested for arguing with a police officer over the arrest of a Black friend.

Thankfully, his sentence was suspended and Robinson did not serve any significant prison time. However, he was beginning to be noticed for more than his athletic abilities. People saw Robinson as someone who was not afraid to speak out about racism when he witnessed it, and who was prepared to stand up for what he thought was right. This is one of the important Jackie Robinson facts for kids.

4. He Was Arrested Again in 1944

jackie robinson facts

What happened next in Robinson’s military career is another one of the Jackie Robinson facts that tells us about his struggle for equal treatment. In 1944, Jackie Robinson was getting on an Army bus when he was told to get to the back of the bus. The Army busses were not legally segregated like the busses in Montgomery, Alabama, where Rosa Parks would protest unequal treatment.

Jackie Robinson, like Rosa Parks, refused to move to the back of the bus. There was no legal requirement for him to do so. He was a soldier willing to give his life for his country, like any other soldier. Robinson wasn’t challenging any laws; he was challenging the culture of racism that existed in the United States in the 1940s. These are some of the most interesting facts about Jackie Robinson. They tell us that he was well aware of the importance of his actions later in life when he became the first Black Major League baseball player in the 1900s.

Continued facts # 4:

Robinson was arrested by military police. After being arrested, Robinson spoke to the arresting officer about unequal treatment and racism, much as he had done back in 1938. The officer tried to have Robinson court-martialed, but Robinson’s commander refused to court-martial him. Robinson was transferred to another unit under a racist commander, and was soon charged with multiple counts, including trumped up charges that he had been drinking.

When Robinson eventually stood trial at his court-martial a month later, the charges were reduced. Throughout this time, Robinson received racist comments and insults from White officers who wanted to keep the culture of racism. The law saw things differently, and Jackie Robinson was acquitted of all charges.

Despite the threats and the possibility of going to jail, Robinson stood up for what he thought was right. This is another one of the inspiring Jackie Robinson facts. It’s also inspiring that Paul L. Bates, who was Robinson’s first colonel, and was White, refused to charge Robinson and be a part of the widespread racist culture. All of the enlisted men in the 761st Tank Battalion that Bates commanded were Black. The unit, known as the Black Panthers, would go on to achieve much success in World War 2, and eventually received a long overdue Presidential Citation from Jimmy Carter.

After the trial, Robinson was transferred again, and became a coach of army athletics until he received his honorable discharge in November, 1944. Due to the transfers and legal proceedings, Robinson never rejoined the 761st Battalion or participated in any combat missions during World War 2.

5. Jackie Robinson Was Good at Baseball…Basketball, Football, and Track

jackie robinson facts

It was difficult for Black people to gain access to education in the 1930s when Jackie Robinson attended and graduated from junior high school, and high school.

Robinson persevered, and excelled at sports. His brother, Mack, encouraged his athletic talents, as did his other brother, Frank. Jackie Robinson’s athletic talents had no limits! He was incredibly skilled at football, basketball, track, baseball, and even tennis!

During high school, Jackie Robinson played shortstop and catcher on the baseball team, and was the quarterback of the football team. One of the interesting facts about Jackie Robinson is that Mack, Jackie’s brother, had attended the University of Oregon. Mack knew that sports were the way for Jackie to continue his education.

By excelling at sports, Jackie Robinson would have better access to secondary education. This is one of the sad Jackie Robinson facts that continues to hold importance today. All people, regardless of race or income level, should have access to secondary education. Even today, secondary education is limited for many lower-class people in the United States. Sports scholarships provide an opportunity some students wouldn’t otherwise have.

6. Jackie Robinson Earned His First MVP Award in 1938

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After high school, Jackie Robinson attended junior college at the Pasadena Junior College. Robinson continued to be a quarterback in football, shortstop in baseball, and also participated in basketball and track.

As a track star at Pasadena Junior College, Robinson beat his brother Mack’s record in the broad jump. These Jackie Robinson facts tell us that Robinson’s athletic talent was truly world-class. In 1938, Jackie Robinson received the Most Valuable Player award for baseball in the regional junior college league.

In addition to his athletic activities, Robinson contributed to the community through student organizations. Robinson was recognized for his talents in sports and his responsible approach to civic participation and academics. This is another of the inspiring Jackie Robinson facts for kids. Jackie Robinson was both an incredible athlete and a well-rounded person.

7. He Won the Long Jump at the NCAA Championships in 1940

facts about jackie robinson

After his time at Pasadena Junior College, Jackie Robinson attended the University of California, Los Angeles. During this time, more Jackie Robinson facts were established. He continued to excel at sports, winning the 1940 NCAA Men’s Track and Field Championships in the long jump.

During his time at UCLA, Robinson met the woman he would marry, Rachel Isum. While continuing his studies, Robinson became the first athlete at UCLA to get a varsity letter in four sports. He continued to participate in baseball, football, track and basketball.

Robinson’s future-wife Rachel Isum and his mother wanted him to complete his degree at UCLA. One of the few mysterious Jackie Robinson facts is that he left UCLA before completing his degree and took a job as an athletic director in a federal youth athletics program.

Many reasons have been suggested to explain why Robinson left UCLA before graduation. Some people speculate that his decision was financial. Robinson himself has said that he did not see the value of a college degree for a Black man at the time. Others have guessed that he was behind with his schoolwork due to his focus on athletics.

The federal government pulled funding from the youth athletics program and in 1941, Robinson moved to Hawaii to play football in the semi-pro league on the Honolulu Bears. Later that year, Robinson returned to California and briefly played for the Los Angeles Bulldogs, which were part of the newly formed and short-lived Pacific Coast Football League.

8. Jackie Robinson Was Friends with Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis

facts about jackie robinson

In 1942, Jackie Robinson was drafted into the Army. At the time, the Armed Forces of the United States were not segregated by law. However, there was cultural segregation that continued to exist. Jackie Robinson would challenge this racism directly, and it would alter the course of his military career.

One of the amazing Jackie Robinson facts is that he was friends with the heavyweight-boxing champion Joe Louis. Robinson and Louis bonded through their experiences in the military, including the racist practices they both endured.

Louis, Robinson and other Black men applied for Officer Candidate School, or OCS, to be officers in the Army. They met the criteria, and there were no laws against Blacks being admitted to OCS. However, there was institutional racism in place that made admission difficult for Black people.

Joe Louis, Robinson and others protested, and were eventually admitted to OCS. Jackie Robinson graduated from OCS as a second lieutenant in 1943. This is one of the Jackie Robinson facts that teaches us that Robinson continued to stand up for what he thought was right.

9. The Second Black Player in Baseball Started Only 6 Weeks after Robinson

facts about jackie robinson

The most historic of the Jackie Robinson facts that would be established were predicated by a conversation with the Brooklyn Dodgers’ manager, Branch Rickey, in August of 1945. Rickey was concerned by Robinson’s history of being speaking out against injustice. Rickey said that whoever became the first Black baseball player would need to have the courage to take a non-violent approach.

This is one of the Jackie Robinson facts that demonstrates how his efforts were a part of what would become the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. Robinson agreed to take the high road in confrontations, and was signed to the Montreal Royals in 1945. The Montreal Royals were part of the International League, a part of the system that fed players into Major League Baseball. Robinson was the first to play in the league since the 1880s!

By 1946, Robinson was still playing baseball for the Royals and other teams. He was touring with barnstorming teams and played across the United States – even in South America! These are some of the fun Jackie Robinson facts for kids. In February of 1946, Robinson married Rachel Isum, who became Rachel Robinson. Together, they would have three children, Jackie Robinson, Jr., Sharon Robinson and David Robinson.

Spring training of 1946 would be the first real test of Jackie Robinson’s resolve and would provide more interesting facts about Jackie Robinson. He endured racial threats and insults. Some teams and some players refused to play with him. Some areas of the country were still segregated, and Robinson often had to stay separately from other members of his team.

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Robinson had made it very far, and yet still faced an uphill struggle. When enduring racial insults and discrimination, Robinson “turned the other cheek”, as Rickey had advised. In 1947, Rickey moved Robinson up to the Brooklyn Dodgers and he played his first season of Major League baseball.

The pressures persisted, and Jackie Robinson continued to excel, despite racial insults and threats from players, owners and fans. He received the Rookie of the Year award for the 1947 season and would be an instrumental part of the Dodgers’ success over the coming years.

Later in 1947, Larry Doby, became the second Black player in the Major League, and the first in the American League. Doby and Robinson would support each other by talking on the phone throughout the season. By 1948, the Dodgers had hired three more Black players, and more Major League baseball teams were becoming more integrated.

Resistance continued, however, due to cultural racism. Major League baseball had to enforce rules stating that players would be suspended if they refused to play with Black players. All of this played out on the national stage, and Jackie Robinson became an American hero. Being a celebrity also brought more threats, and Jackie Robinson kept his cool amidst it all. Robinson was being a good citizen off the field, and an amazing player on it!

By the time the Dodgers won the World Series, in 1955, Robinson’s baseball career was going into decline. In 1956, rather than be traded, Robinson retired from baseball and took a position at Chock full o’Nuts as one of the first Black executives at a major United States corporation.

10. Jackie Robinson Played in the Negro Baseball League before the Dodgers

jackie robinson facts

From 1944 to 1945, Robinson returned to California and briefly played again for the Los Angeles Bulldogs. Following this, he took a job as a basketball coach at the Sam Huston College in Texas. The program was small, though Robinson received some recognition for being a very disciplined coach.

The next set of Jackie Robinson facts would change not just his life, but also the course of history. While working as a coach in army athletics, Robinson was told he should apply to be a player for the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro American League. Robinson wrote a letter to the owner requesting a tryout. In 1945, while he was coaching at Sam Huston College, the Monarchs offered Jackie Robinson a contract to play professional baseball.

This is one of the ironic Jackie Robinson facts because he was talented in so many sports, although baseball may have been the sport he excelled at the least. It’s a testament to how great an athlete he was that he could play even the sport he was least good at, at a professional level!


The Negro American League was professional baseball. However, Robinson did not like that there wasn’t the same level of rigor that had defined his experiences as an athlete and a coach. Despite the somewhat loose structure of the league, there were incredibly talented players, many of whom were better than their White counterparts playing in Major League Baseball.

Some of the first Jackie Robinson facts regarding professional baseball emerge at this time. During his first season, Robinson batted .387 with five home runs and 13 stolen bases. This performance earned him a spot in the 1945 Negro League All-Star Game.

Perhaps motivated by economics, or by his desire for equal treatment, or simply because he wanted to be in a more rigorous professional setting, Robinson began to tryout for Major League Baseball.

Interesting Facts about Jackie Robinson Summary

Jackie Robinson was an incredible athlete who was the first Black person to play Major League Baseball since the 1880s. His role as a professional athlete was an important symbol of changing attitudes about race in the United States. Jackie Robinson facts tell us the story behind this remarkable man. Robinson was never afraid to stand up for what he believed was right. He was incredibly talented as an athlete, and became a symbol for equality in the United States.

Because baseball is the national pastime, it often reflects the attitudes of the United States. While laws still existed in many parts of the country that upheld segregation, Major League baseball ended segregation, showing that it could also be possible for society as a whole.

Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about the importance of Jackie Robinson as a symbol. Robinson attended the March on Washington in 1963. Robinson was willing to go to jail for what he thought was right. However, it was his non-violent approach, an approach that would come to characterize the Civil Rights Movement, which was successful in helping to end segregation in baseball.

Teaching Jackie Robinson facts to kids is a great way to get them interested in the Civil Rights movement. Robinson’s role as a professional athlete made him an important national figure of the Civil Rights movement, like Martin Luther King, Jr. Jackie Robinson knew the importance of what he was doing and is a shining example of how one person can make a big difference.


Rainbow Facts for Kids: Mystery of Seven Colors

Here is a collection of most interesting rainbow facts for kids showing, how does a rainbow is formed and why does we see seven colors of the rainbow?

How Rainbow Is Formed?

rainbow facts

We can’t see rainbow every day, you only see it when it rains, why is that and how rainbow is formed?

Let me tell you rainbow is formed by the ordinary white light, like sunlight is made up of many different colors, but we can’t see all the different colors as sunlight appear colorless but if we pass the white light through a prism or a piece of glass, the white light splits into band of colors and this band of colors is called a spectrum and it contains all the colors of rainbow.

When it rains, the rain drops act like prisms of glass and when sunlight passes through the raindrops, it breaks up into spectrum and we see all the seven different colors of the rainbow.

Seven Different Colors of the Rainbow

The colors of the rainbow are:

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Indigo
  7. Violet

Interesting Rainbow Facts

  • Do you know that when Rainbow is formed it’s circular but you can’t see complete circle while you are on the ground, but you can see a full circle Rainbow from the airplane.
  • To create a rainbow, light should be spotted on the drops of water at exactly 42 degrees, that is the reason you cannot see rainbow at noon.
  • Isaac Newton was the first person to describe the formation of rainbow.

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Do Rainbow Ends Have Treasures?

Rainbow facts

According to the old Europe mythology, A place known Silesia it was said that, There is a huge valuable treasure at the both ends of the rainbow, but this treasure can be only seen by a nude man. Eastern Europe said that this treasure was placed at the rainbow ends by angels.

According to science it seems impossible because you can never find the end of rainbow, as you move toward it, it will move away from you.

  • Rainbows cannot be touched by human hands.
  • According to the old mythology it was said that you must not point toward a rainbow, because Rainbow is known as the symbol of Bad Luck by some cultures, so they believe that “ It can bring bad luck”.
  • The most weird rainbow facts Many old cultures believe that this beautiful arc of light brings trouble and it is associated with devils and demons, they say that rainbow can change the gender of a person.
  • But on the other hand there are few good myths about rainbow, actually its Western Culture, which respects the beauty of rainbow, they consider rainbow as a symbol of love and good luck, they do believe that rainbow is a bridge between Heaven and Earth.
  • Siberian tribes consider the rainbows as the voice of Sun.
  • You can see a double rainbow in the sky too; this kind of rainbow is only formed when sunlight reflects twice inside the water drops.
  • Earth is the only planet is this Solar System where the possibility of forming rainbow is 100%. Other than earth the probability of forming rainbow on any other planet is 1%.
  • One of the amazing scientific rainbow facts you probably aren’t aware of is that, Rainbow can be formed on the moon of Planet Saturn. The name of this moon is Titan and this theory is considered almost true because the moist atmosphere of Saturn’s moon is ideal for the formation of rainbow, and it is also known that the dispersion of this moon is 40 to 49 degrees, which makes it more possible to form Rainbow on it.
  • Each and every rain drop can create a rainbow, but for the human eye it needs thousands of raindrops to combine their rainbows and create a big one for us to see it.

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How to Create a Rainbow at Home?

Some other Amazing rainbow facts for kids indicates that rainbows can be created at home when it is not raining, and guess what you can make the rainbow by yourself. Let me tell you the procedure:

Stand straight with your back to the SUN, and take a water hose or garden hose which is used to spray water, Use the water hose to spray in front of you without turning toward the sun, and within few minutes you will see that a small rainbow will be formed.

Remember that you must keep the sun behind your back.