1. The Sunshine Coast was originally named Near North Coast. For eight long years people petitioned to have the name changed, and they succeeded in 1966.
  2. The Coast has the largest number of organic, meditation and yoga stores, as well as juice-cleansing bars when compared to other regions in the entire country. This fact has never been officially confirmed, however, most local tend to agree with it.
  3. The world’s second largest rock is called Mount Coolum and is found in the Sunshine Coast. The largest rock is called Uluru or Ayers Rock and lies in the southern part of the Northern Territory. The Aborigines have an old legend which states that all couples who climb Mount Coolum together will end up breaking up as a result of an ancient curse.
  4. Queensland is home to one the oldest know dinosaur footprints in the entire world. They are located in Winton, an outback town located 110 miles (177 km) northwest of Longreach.
  5. The Sunshine Coast is also home to the most photographed pub in the whole of Australia. The pub is called Ettamogah Pub, which means “place of good drinking” in native Aboriginal. The G1 Property Mooloolaba experts recommend you visit it along with the Mooloolaba beach and enjoy a day relaxing in the sun.
  6. We hope these facts are more than enough to convince you to come and visit the Sunshine Coast and enjoy some of the numerous wonders it has to offer. And if you like the Sunshine Coast you’ll love Hawaii.