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17 Facts about Ford Motor Company You Might Not Know

17 Facts about Ford

facts about ford
  1. In 1954 Ford introduced the crash test.

2. In 1964 everyone’s favorite muscle car was born, the Mustang. With its low price, range of variations and customizable parts it became one of the best selling cars ever.

3. In 1965 the joint Ford Germany and Ford UK collaboration launched the Transit.

4. In 1966 Ford’x GT40 broke Ferrari’s Le Mans domination and got the title of the first US manufacturer ever to win.

5. In 1976 The Fiesta, the hot hatch, stole the title of the first internationally successful front wheel car. It had one of the largest development budgets and took the Mustang’s title of fastest selling car.

6. In 1981 The Escort was born, a car designed for the world and in turn it shared parts with its European counterpart, sometimes to its downfall. It was a hit.

7. In 1988 Ford’s earnings globally reached $5.3 billion.

8. In 1990 Ford created another car market, the SUV, with its Explorer model.

9. In 1995 Ford were caught in very hot water after a campaign appeared featuring a photo from a 1991 ethnic diversity advertisement with the minorities replaced with white faces. This caused a storm and the workers were compensated.

10. In 1996 the first Ford electric vehicle was created; the Ranger Electric Vehicle. This Ranger used lead acid batteries.

11. In 1999 Ford took control of a major rival. The brand bought Volvo, a Swedish car brand known worldwide for $6.45 billion.

12. In 2000 Ford blamed Bridgestone for 271 deaths and not the Ford Explorer.

13. In 2002 Ford became the center of a strong public environmental concern. Greenpeace called Ford out accusing them of not taking Global Warming seriously. Ford had to spend millions on a campaign to tackle public opinion and environmental concerns amongst its products.

14. In 2003 it was the 100th anniversary of the company. As a result Ford decided to produce 5 models with a centennial edition, a model that came in “any color as long as it’s black” a nod to the Model T.

15. In 2010 Ford secured the position as Europe’s 5th largest automaker, and announced an investment in developing the next generation of automotive; the electrical car.

16. In 2016  the GT hit Le Mans with 66, 67, 68 and 69 numbered GT’s to commemorate the ever-impressive 4 victories 50 years before hand.

17. In May of 2017 Ford announced that it planned to cut 10% of jobs worldwide due to lower profit and share prices.

From the humble hand-built vehicle to the multi-billion dollar automotive superpower, the story of Ford is nothing but awe-inspiring. Always at the forefront of technology and environmental consciousness, this motoring genius has unreal numbers of vehicles whipping up and down roads worldwide.

Throughout Ford’s life there always seemed to be some troubling year for the company on the horizon, and yet they always come through stronger and more established as a brand. I for one would happily own a Ford and wouldn’t doubt the quality or history of the worldwide automotive giant.

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