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18 Facts about Black Holes You Might Not Know

There are stars in the galaxy that are larger than the sun, maybe more than 20 million times bigger than the sun, and when these stars are dying, or when their life ends they create a black hole. Here are 18 facts about black holes you might not know.

A Black hole is a region in space where matters infinitely condense, it’s a singularity in space time.

facts about black holes

18 Facts about Black Holes

  1. A black hole is a region in space where matters infinitely condense, it’s a singularity in space time.

2. Black holes can be 20 to 30 billion times larger than the sun

3. Research indicates that 30,000 light-years away there is an extremely large black hole at the centre of the Milky Way.

4. Einstein revived the theory of black holes in 1916.

5. John Mitchell first came up with the concept of black holes in 1783.

6. The gravity of a black hole means it pulls in anything that comes near it even light.

7. The only way anything can escape a black hole is to travel faster than the speed of light which is impossible.

8. Once absorbed into a black hole all items end up a stream of atoms on their way to joining the singularity of the hole.

9. Black holes can slow down time

10. The laws of physics break down at the core of black holes.

11. Black Holes are very noisy; they can produce large gurgling sounds. This sound is the energy of motion being converted into sound waves.

12. The black hole nearest to earth is 1600 light-years away.

13. Event Horizon is the border of a black hole after which you can never return.

14. Not only do black holes suck up everything that gets near them, but they also eject matter. When all the vacuumed up mass gets crushed together so hard that the space between the individual components of the atoms is compressed, it is broken down into subatomic particles that can stream away.

These particles are released in jets which repel out of the black hole due to intense magnetic field lights.

15. According to some scientists it’s theorized that the number of stars in the universe is limited by Back Holes or we can say that stars are limited by black holes.

16. Theoretically, it’s not just stars that can become black holes, according to the principle of “Schwarzschild radius”:

If you collapse the entire mass of the object into a single point, the density would be so great, that not even light could escape, thus creating a black hole.

17. Scientists have a theory that only radiations can escape the black hole because black holes emit electromagnetic radiations thus can vaporize.

18. A Worm Hole also known as Einstein Rosen Bridge is a theoretical opening in Spacetime enabling a shortcut from one part of a universe to another. From the outside Worm Holes and black holes look similar and it seems very difficult to distinguish between both.

Avid Damy

Wednesday 6th of October 2021

Space and what's up there fascinates me. We can't be alone's just that the distances between us and them are so vast we haven't yet developed craft that can travel that far. First contact will eventually happen. It's bound to.


Friday 6th of May 2016

Awesome article post.Much thanks again. Will read on…

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