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Bermuda Triangle Facts and Myths – An Unsolved Mystery

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Bermuda triangle facts or we should say it an unsolved mystery, it has a legendary story from the ancient times and all the Bermuda triangle facts and myths are not doubt able.

A mad genius, crackle of lightning and a story of triangle, many tried to find the true mystery behind Bermuda triangle but no one has ever succeeded.

Have you ever though why? Why no one has ever found the true Bermuda triangle facts and myths? Yeah we all should have thought about these mysterious facts and myths, today I am going to tell you the reality of Bermuda triangle, history and the legendary myths.

Note: We have recently updated information in this article about Crystal Pyramid in Bermuda Triangle in the 2nd last paragraph, which proves some extraordinary legendary myths true, and scientists have verified the existence of this pyramid true.

Mystery of Bermuda Triangle Facts and Myths

bermuda triangle factsA large area covered in ocean between Puerto Rico, Florida and Bermuda which is shaped like triangle have few untold mysteries and facts.  No one exactly knows when “Bermuda triangle myths” came into existence but its existence truly includes some of the following shocking and mind-blowing tragedies.

  • Bermuda Triangle is also known as Devils Triangle because over last few centuries hundred of ships and planes have disappeared while crossing this triangle.
  • It is the area where no good luck lives, it’s also known as the place of bad luck.
  • The Only Person who knows the truth about Bermuda Triangle is the one who never come back from Devils triangle.
  • Many People think that there can be artificial Magnetic field created by aliens living on this planet before mankind.

There are mysteries in the world which people can only guess at, but with time they may only solve in part

  • Some people think that Bermuda triangle facts and myths are nothing more than a fraud; these are the people who never tried to cross Bermuda Triangle.
  • People who somehow survived the journey of Bermuda triangle have lost their memory forever.
  • Christopher Columbus on October 8, 1492 was the first person to experience the devil.
  • bermuda triangle factsNo Compass is able to give exact readings in Bermuda Triangle. It is the place where magnetic compass never points toward north; its variation is always zero.
  • More than 9000 people are still missing who tried to cross Bermuda triangle.
  • US Navy torpedo bomber was the biggest ship that disappeared.
  • This is a place where magnetic north and the true north eventually match. This means that this is the place vertical to earth’s bottom.
  • In this area, a strange unending light and a yellow fog is also present.
  • Planes and ships that disappeared were having no mechanical faults.
  • None of the explanation has ever satisfied the cause of disappearing people in the triangle.

Scientists Theories About Bermuda Triangle

  • Scientists believes that Gulf Stream is a current that flows through the oceans at a speed of 2.5 meters per seconds which is the cause of destroying ships.
  • They say that there are Hurricanes in the triangle that are always at their peak, which destroys planes.
  • Scientists say that there is a large number of Methane Hydrate gas. They believe that this gas kills people and causes the ships to sink quickly.
  • They do believe that every ship that disappeared was due human errors.

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Mystery of Bermuda Triangle Pyramid (Crystal Pyramid in Bermuda Triangle)

bermuda triangle facts

One of the mysterious facts shows that there is a Crystal like Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle and now scientists thinks they may have uncovered the significant clue as to lie 2000 meters below the ocean surface. In 2012 American and French research teams conducting surveys inside the triangle stumbled upon on an underground structure rising from the sea “A Crystal like Pyramid”.

Its origin, age and purpose is completely unknown, this structure is know been independently verified by both countries research teams. The partially translucent structure at 300 meters wide and 200 meters tall measures larger than well known pyramids of Egypt.

On top of the pyramid there are two very large holes moving sea water through at high speed. They can cause massive surge waves and mists on the sea surface.

Scientists think that this mysterious triangle could be the only reason to produce massive energy destroying ships and planes.

Some people thinks that this pyramid could be the part of “Atlantis”. The great city of ancient civilization, that was vanished in Bermuda Triangle.

Conclusion- Truly What I Believe

There can be another world behind Bermuda triangle and may be Bermuda triangle is the only gate to that world. May be all the 9000+ people are still alive in that world. May be that world is preparing to meet our world and may be one day this Triangle could be remembered as a Mysterious Gate of joining two worlds.

Yet all these are just observations. And still Bermuda triangle facts and myths remain one of the greatest mysteries on earth.


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