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All these facts might looks weird to read but let me tell you that all these facts are true and these weird facts are astonishing to listen because all the things i am going to tell you had happen in the past or still happening in the present.

List Of Most Weird Facts Ever

Fact #1

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In old times black peeper that we use today was much valuable for the people, that they use it as their currency and even rob those who had it.

Fact #2

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well well well!!!! You think you are clean and if cockroach touches you, then you should wash your hands twice, this means you are wrong, because someone already had done this, its the cockroach that runs to safety and cleans itself if it touches human body, weird to listen right?? But its totally true.

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Fact #3

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Scientifically it has been proved that the dead cells in human body keeps on growing even if a person dies, because dead cells are dead and they don’t need any nutrition or blood to grow, so they keep on growing if a person dies, and our hairs and nails are dead cells, so they will never stop growing.

Fact #4

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With reason unknown it was observed by the researchers that human nose can smell stronger in the evening, but in the morning the smelling power is much weaker. Few of the reasons are given for this weird fact but no authentic has been yet provided.

Fact #5

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Creatures who don’t fart, neither vomit simply have better immune system, they have powerful barriers between the throat and the stomach, they have great muscular power and heavy digestive system, which doesn’t allow them to vomit.

Fact #6

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One of the very weird facts indicates that when hippo’s feel warm a blood type liquid comes from their skin, firstly people were confused on it, but later on researchers found out that its the sweat of the hippo which is red in color.

Fact #7

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Bread is made up of flour and flour is made by grinding the seeds, which we use to eat in breakfast and lunch, but let me tell you that ancient people use, bread to remove pencil work, that was the time before the invention of eraser.

Fact #8

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Cutest fish of all is dolphin, which is also known as the most friendly sea creature. The most weird thing about this cute creature is that it sleeps with one eye open, some people say that dolphin keep alerted by doing so, and some say that its in their creation, they don’t have control on their one eye.

Fact #9

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A very true fact, we can’t commit suicide by holding our breath, because its simply impossible, no matter how hard we try, no matter what happens we cant kill our self by holding breath. Your mind will never allow you to do it.

Fact #10

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Another one of the most interesting weird facts; If your eyes are open , then you are watching your nose, each and every second we see our nose, but the only thing we do is to ignore it, as long as our eyes are open. Well thanks to your brain, that chooses to ignore it, otherwise its very weird.


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